Nikki Sudden: The Boy From Nowhere Who Fell Out Of The Sky - 6xCD Box Set & T-Shirt Bundle

Nikki Sudden: The Boy From Nowhere Who Fell Out Of The Sky - 6xCD Box Set & T-Shirt Bundle

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Part One –Singles and classic album tracks 1977 – 1989 Re-Mastered

1.Read About Seymour            Swell Maps Single 1977
2.Real Shocks                   Swell Maps Single  1979
3.Let’s build a car             Swell Maps Single 1980
4.Back to the start             Single  1981
5.Channel Steamer               Single  1982
6.All the Gold                 (from Waiting on Egypt) 1982
7.Chelsea Embankment           (from Bible Belt ) 1983
8.Missionary Boy               (from Bible Belt ) 1983
9.Big Store (Orig)               (from Jacobites ) 1984
10.Ratcliffe Highway            (from  Shame for the Angels E.P) 1984
11.Where the rivers end          (from  Robespierre’s Velvet Basement) 1985
12.Pin your Heart                 (single) 1985
13.When the rain comes             (Single) 1986
14.Winter                         (from Last Bandits in the World ) 1986
15.Jangle Town                     Single 1986
16.Back to the Coast             (from Texas Originally on Groove  ) 1986
17.Cupful of change             (from Dead men tell no tales) 1987
18.Gallery Wharf                  (from I knew Buffalo Bill) 1987
19.Wedding Hotel                  Single  1987
20.Great Pharaoh                (From Groove) 1989

Part Two – Singles and classic album tracks 1991- 2005 Re-Mastered

1.I Belong To You                 Single 1991
2.Whiskey Priest                 Single 1992     
3.Chelsea Springtime            (from Howling Good Times) 1994
4.Don’t You Ever Leave Me       Single 1994
5.Liquor, Guns & Ammo    (from the Trident ‘Spanish album’ Sessions and included on Old Scarlett) 1995
6.When Angels Die               ( from Old Scarlett) 1995
7.Golden Dawn                   (from Seven Lives Later) 1996
8.Love Nest                      (from Egyptian Roads) 1997
9.Wishing Well                    ( from God Save us poor Sinners) 1998
10.Cloak Of  Virtue               (From Golden Vanity )  recorded 1998
11.Farewell My Darling            (from Red Brocade) 1999
12.So Many Girls                   Single 1999
13.Stay Bruised                    (from  Treasure Island) 2004
14.House of Cards                 (from Treasure Island ) 2004
15.Green Shield Stamps           (Unreleased John Rivers Mix from the Truth …) 2005
16.Empire Blues                  (from the Truth …) 2005 

Part Three- Old , New , Lonesome & Blue  

1.Out of my Dreams (Otter Song)...with Joey Skidmore 2003
2.Pistol in my pocket.            With Joey Skidmore 2003
3.In your Life         appeared on Back to the Coast 1990
4.Laudanum Blues  (Nikki Sudden & The Big Deficits )November 1996
5.Family Bible              (Nikki Sudden & Southern Bitch 2005)
6.Meet on the ledge
7.Nothing Left  
8.Pockets full of silver
9.Liquor guns & ammo               with Max Decharne Aug 27th 1990
10.Something about you              with Max Decharne  Aug 27th 1990
11.Mr Fox                (W/ Mike Scott from What a nice way to turn 17 album) 1983
12.The way things used to be (Smoking in Dublin) with Eamonn Dowd 27.2.2006
13.I can’t stand up                   (Athens GA 2005)
14.Little Venice Affair               (Athens GA 2005)
15.Chelsea Embankment                 (single b – side diff version )1982
16.The Bagman & the Twangman          diff version
17.Big Store                          with Mandra Gora
18.… the same – Lizard   

Part Four    Beau Geste, Lost Souls and Bedroom Concertos

1.Wake Me Up                Duet with Al DeLoner
2. Shivers                   For Rowland S Howard Tribute album
3.The Road goes on Forever (early bedroom demo version )
4.School for scandal         
5.The Jewellery Quarter        March 1996
6.All my Sinking Ships         March 1996 (diff version)
7.Girls you fall in love with 
8.Behind these walls 
9.No broken hearts 
10.Sea dog blues                live in Tokyo 
11.Gold painted nails    vocal version  From the Cassette only release Beau Geste 1983
12.Every girl (cuts me in half)  Bible Belt Outtake Recorded 19th May 1982
13.Hurt Me More ( country )      Demo 3rd June  1983
14.Waiting for the siege         Recorded 18.8.81 London & Jan 82 WSRS
15.Big Store (Orig)             live 4th June 1983 Black Lion Northampton
16.Out of Egypt                 live 4th June 1983 Black Lion Northampton
17.Cathy                        live  From the Cassette only release Beau Geste 1983
18.The only boy in Heaven      live 4th June 1983 Black Lion Northampton
19.Silver street                live 4th June 1983 Black Lion Northampton
20.Englands under cover          Bible Belt Outtake Recorded 17-20 May 1982 
21.Lost in a basement            Bedroom demo

Part Five :  The Dark Ends & The Dives   Unreleased Full band radio session

2.Looking at you
4.Don’t look back
5.Wooden floor  
6.Pretty little pretty
7.Aeroplane blues
8.Stay bruised
9.Broken door
10.High & lonesome  
11.Locked around you
12.Highway girl
13.Take me back home ( and back again )

Recorded in Berlin 21st -23rd October 2000

Part Six Across The Airwaves  Unreleased Radio sessions  

1.Son of a French Nobelman (Nikki & Dave) Dublin Dave Fanning 23.6.1984
2.Ratcliffe Highway (Nikki & Dave) Dublin Dave Fanning 23.6.1984
3.Rebel Grave                           Wien 27.2.87                                
4.French Revolution Blues               Hamburg 26.9.87
5.Crossroads                            Hamburg 26.9.87
6.Jewel                             Channel 1 Greece 10.12.87
7.Ambulance Station                 Channel 1 Greece 10.12.87
8.Teenage Christmas                 Channel 1 Greece 10.12.87
9.Memory Motel                      Milano 21.3.88
10.Cupful of Change                  Milano 21.3.88
11.Death is hanging over me          Milano 21.3.88
12.Sea Dog Blues                       Hamburg 4.6.88
13.Murder Valley                       Hamburg 4.6.88
14.When the rain comes                 Unknown Spanish Radio session 3.17
15.Still in love                       Unknown Spanish Radio session
16.Marcella                            Unknown Spanish Radio session
17.When Angels Die          
18.Harbour Lights                       Unknown Berlin Radio Session
19.The National Elf                     Unknown Berlin Radio Session
20.Hello Wolf                           Unknown Berlin Radio Session
21.Hanging out the banners              Unknown Berlin Radio Session
22.One more string of pearls            Unknown Berlin Radio Session

Three years in the making finally ready to be made available
A very limited edition Box set that contains a Best Of  double CD, and 4 discs of unreleased and extremely rare tracks.
Amongst the players aiding and abetting Mr Sudden are Jowe Head and Epic Soundtracks of Swell Maps, Peter Buck of REM, Mike Scott, Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones, the late Rowland S Howard, Jeremy Gluck of The Barracudas, Dave Kusworth, Phil Shoenfelt, Max Decharne, John Barry,  
Liner notes are by Mojo writer and author Max Decharne and John Barry with interviews exclusively from Peter Buck, John Rivers  
Un seen photos feature throughout the 32 page booklet
Plus a facsimile of the fanzine 'What a nice way to turn seventeen'  

Design & Layout Les Clark
Cover Photo Marie Sjovold



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10/12 = Medium
12/14 = Large
14/16 = X Large
18/20 = XX Large

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