xCowboy Junkies: Long Journey Home - CD & DVD set **SOLD OUT **

xCowboy Junkies: Long Journey Home - CD & DVD set **SOLD OUT **

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The Long Journey Home Tour was in support of One Soul Now, our ninth studio album in 2004. Like the many tours that had come before it, it was an arduous, exhilarating, numbing, inspiring, exhausting, reaffirming, lonely, uplifting journey. It carried us along uncounted miles of highways and across untold leagues of oceans. It brought us eye-to-eye with some familiar faces and with many new, welcome ones. It deposited us in both familiar and unfamiliar cities and towns across Europe and North America. It brought us to venues that we had never seen before, to venues that we have had a long, cherished relationship with and to a few¦ well, not so cherished¦ until, very near the end of the journey and very far from home, it brought us to a place, which for musicians of our generation, holds special significance: Liverpool. This DVD documents a special show in a special city. On this night we dug deep into our back catalogue and brought forward a handful of songs from our celebrated earlier albums. We touched on some personal favourites, played some songs from our recent catalogue and filled out the show with a few unrecorded covers and a long free-form jam of Robert Johnson’s 32:20. Then we turned the cameras off, packed up our equipment and continued our long journey home.

CD Album

  1. Sweet Jane (Lou Reed) (8.14 )
  2. Cause Cheap Is How I Feel (4.47)
  3. Pale Sun (7.13)
  4. He Will Call You Baby (6.26)
  5. 32:20 (Robert Johnson) (14.19)
  6. A Horse In The Country (4.10)
  7. Notes Falling Slow (8.08)
  8. The Slide (4.01)
  9. I Don’t Get It (4.02)
  10. Good Friday (5.10)
  11. Helpless (Neil Young) (7.36)
  12. Misguided Angel (5.47)


  1. Sweet Jane
  2. Cause Cheap Is How I Feel
  3. 200 More Miles
  4. Why This One
  5. Pale Sun
  6. He Will Call You Baby
  7. Sun comes up its Tuesday Morning
  8. 32:20 Blues
  9. Black Eyed Man
  10. 1000 Year Prayer
  11. A Horse In The Country
  12. Notes Falling Slow
  13. The Slide
  14. I Don’t Get It
  15. Good Friday
  16. Helpless
  17. Isn’t It A Pity
  18. Misguided Angel

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