Certain General - Invisible New York - 2x CD

Certain General - Invisible New York - 2x CD

Certain General - Invisible New York - 2x CD

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CERTAIN GENERAL, one of the most startling but under-rated groups to emerge from post-punk New York City, release a 2-CD career retrospective on Easy Action called 'Invisible New York'.

The group formed in 1980 and built a fearsome underground reputation seducing the city's major clubs, including CBGB's, the Mudd and Danceteria, with their intoxicating blend of spikey rhythms, surreal lyrical flights and psychedelic surf guitar onslaughts which drew comparisons with everyone from the Velvet Underground and Doors to the Birthday Party.

Certain General carried on releasing records until the 21st century in different incarnations but, although being hailed as 'the best independent rock band in the United States' during the 80s, never received the attention afforded on other names from that time. Bad luck, trouble and an admitted tendency to 'shoot ourselves in the foot', left the group with a wealth of brutally beautiful musical diamonds in their vaults but no place in the history books. 'We're like
the invisible band,' says leader, songwriter and singer Parker DuLany, the only constant member since the band's formation. Hence the title.

The compilation draws from past releases such as 'Holiday Of Love', 'November's Heat', 'These Are The Days', 'Introduction To War' and 'Cabin Fever', as well as live recordings from CBGB's and NY's Public Theatre in 2001, radio broadcasts and a previously-unreleased session with Lenny Kaye and Julee Cruise recorded in the wake of 9/11.

It's a sumptuous journey which will not only touch aficionados of the post-punk New York sound but classic Americana and beyond.

Disc 1

1. Maximum G. (Dulany/Lupo/Gammage)
2. Leader Out. (Dulany/Gammage/Saddy/Berke)
3. Touch. (Dulany/Gammage/Saddy/Berke)
4. Keys and the Carpet. (Dulany)
5. Jack in the Heart. (Dulany/Gammage/Saddy/Berke)
6. Uptight. (Dulany)
7. Will You. (Dulany)
8. Water. (Dulany/Gammage/Saddy/Berke)
9. Sell Out. (Dulany/Gammage/Saddy/Berke)
10. Voodoo Taxi. (Dulany/Gammage/Saddy/Berke)
11. Nowhere. (Dulany/Gammage/Saddy/Berke)
12. Bad Way. (Dulany/Graziano)
13. Lose Myself. (Dulany/Hollander)
14. Baby are you Rich. (Dulany/Hollander)
15. Closer to the Sun. (Dulany/Tooley)
16. Hello My God. (Dulany/Gammage/Saddy/Berke)
17. Killer in Our House. (Dulany/Hollander)
18. Johnny. (Dulany)
19. Desperate Hour. (Dulany)

Disc 2

1. Hiding Place. (Dulany/Gammage)
2. Red Ledge. (Dulany/Gammage/Saddy/Berke)
3. Downtown. (Dulany/Gammage/Saddy/Berke)
4. I want to live Alone. (Dulany/Gammage)
5. That’s where I hang. (Dulany)
6. Young for the Sun. (Dulany)
7. Only a Dream. (Gammage)
8. Certain Theme. (Dulany/Gammage/Saddy/Berke)
9. I felt So. (Dulany/Tooley)
10. Kill & Take. (Dulany/Gammage/Saddy/Berke)
11. Black Eyes. (Dulany/Hollander)
12. Gang in the Woods. (Dulany)
13. Gunflower. (Dulany/Gammage/Saddy/Berke)
14. Mother Computer. (Dulany)
15. Holy Failure. (Dulany/Gammage/Saddy/Berke)
16. Desert. (Gammage)
17. La Decadanse. (Gainsbourg)
18. Poison in the Pond. (Dulany)
19. Bedpan. (Dulany/Gammage/Saddy/Berke)
20. At Peace. (Dulany/Gammage/Saddy/Berke)
21. Fantaisie Militaire. (Bashung/Fauque)
22. Mr. Vinegar. (Dulany/Lee)
23. Lovelife. (Dulany/Hollander)
24. NY NY. (Ebb/Kander)

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