Nikki Sudden with Simon Carmody & Johnny Fean The Last bandits In The World CD

Nikki Sudden      with Simon Carmody & Johnny Fean  The Last bandits In The World   CD

Nikki Sudden with Simon Carmody & Johnny Fean The Last bandits In The World CD

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1.      Tell Me 3'04"

2.      Dead Man's Shoes 4'56"

3.      Horse Island 4'42"

4.      Debbie 3'59"

5.      Four Wicked Winds 2'44"

6.      I Never Talk About Her 2'56"

7.      Winter 2'52"

8.      Up There In Heaven 5'32"

9.      Down On My Own Again 4'04"

10.   Tell Me (2) 2'00"

11.   Christmas Morning 4'24"

12.   Tell Me (B-side) 3'33"

13.   The Angels Are Calling 3'54"

14.   Angels (instrumental) 0'57"

15.   'Till The Next Time 5'33"

16.   Farewell 2'43"

17.   The Dalkey Rake 3'34"

18.   Tell Me (outtake) 1'52"



Following the release in 1985 of the classic "Robespierre's Velvet Basement", and to the frustration of their US record label TwinTone, who were poised to release their American debut "The Ragged School", The Jacobites, Nikki Sudden and Dave Kusworth decided to call it a day. Cue end of transatlantic buzz.

Nikki decides to re-visit Dublin where he hooks up with Horslips guitarist Johnny Fean and The Golden Horde's Simon Carmody and The Last Bandits In The World are born (credit to the legendary BP Fallon for the name). Produced by The Horslips' Eamon Carr, the self titled album appears on Irish label Hotwire, alongside the gorgeous "Christmas Morning" single (featuring future US TV (Supernatural) star Mark Sheppard) - and pretty quickly disappears. Yet another classic falls through the cracks.

Christmas Day morning 1988 and tragedy strikes as friend, muse and cover artist Karl Stephenson is killed by a drunk driver. Nikki and Simon re-convene, with Anthony Thistlethwaite and Steve Wickham of The Waterboys, to record, in memory of Karl, "The Angels Are Calling", released on 7" and 12" in 1989 by Ireland's Solid Records.

Now, released for the first time ever on CD and on limited edition gatefold double vinyl are the collected works of The Last Bandits - "The Last Bandits In The World - Complete".

Remastered at Woodbine Street Recording Studios in Leamington Spa by John A Rivers and Simon Carmody.

"Romantic honesty and perfect poise" - Melody Maker (August 1986)

"A unique and positive contribution to civilisation..." - The Hot Press (August 1986)


"I have seen the white horsemen riding to hell, between is the land of broken colours, fierce and inevitable as volcanic lava, molten frost, invincible as the great stone that falls from a hill. There are doors of tissue gold."

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