David Bowie Radio Station Interview disc Limited amount of stock

David Bowie Radio Station Interview disc Limited amount of stock

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Shipping 23rd    March 2018               ** FOR COLLECTORS ONLY **

First 100 copies only   will include colour postcard , sticker & A4 Poster 


after the initial 100  sells out we will ship with any surplus  extras so if youre short on one of these items it will be that youre order was NOT one of the first 100 and youve been given the bits youve received free as a bonus 



NO   music on this disc   all interview    originally  issued in 1980  in support   of the scary monsters album 

 has printed inner bag      this was originally sent to radio stations to pose pre set questions for which davids replies were on this record ..


Collectors Only !

running time is no more than 12 MINUTES !

A1 Question Re: It's No Game (Part 1)  
A2 Question Re: Up The Hill Backwards  
A3 Question Re: Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)  
A4 Question Re: Ashes To Ashes  
A5 Question Re: Fashion  
B1 Question Re: Teenage Wildlife  
B2 Question Re: Scream Like A Baby  
B3 Question Re: Kingdom Come  
B4 Question Re: Because You're Young  
B5 Question Re: It's No Game (Part 2)  
B6 Question Re: Album Artwork  
B7 Question Re: New Clown Look  
B8 Question Re: Singing Style  
B9 Question Re: You Put Yourself On The Line  
B10 Question Re: Thank You For Being On The Show, David's Response And Thanks.  


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