Dave-id Busaras ( Virgin Prunes) & Toshi Hiraoka MIND IS BLOWN

Dave-id Busaras ( Virgin Prunes) & Toshi Hiraoka MIND IS BLOWN

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1    Voluptuous

2    Remember A Time

3    Battle Of Insane Pain

4    Taylor’s Going To Be A Goth

5    It’s Wonderful

6    18 Year Old

7    All The Mad

8    Wind

9    She Said, Not My Word

10   Wish I Was There Again

11    Poem To God

12    Battle Of Insane Pain In The Head

13    Stop That Hurt Inside Of Me

14    Disappointed

15    Not Blessed With Children

16    Come On Lady

17    Lesbian Vanity Touch

18    A Mind Is Blown Away

19    Two Of Everything

20    Remember A Time (Part 2)

21    Goodnight, Goodbye   


·        Vocalist from the legendary Virgin Prunes opens the doors to the vaults of his solo recordings for this Unreleased album with Japanese producer Toshi

·        Features guest vocals from fellow Virgin Prunes band mates Gavin Friday & Guggi

·        Part of the series of releases from the solo and collaborative recordings by Dave – Id Busarus

·        Brand new photography by renowned Irish photographer Peter Rowen  ( brother Guggi & Strongman  and  of U2 cover star on BOY & WAR albums  ) album housed in card gatefold sleeve 

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