Marc Bolan presents : The Soul Sessions 2xCD First 200 get free polaroids

Marc Bolan presents : The Soul Sessions 2xCD First 200 get free polaroids

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Produced By Marc & Gloria Jones    Featuring Gloria Jones   Richard Jones & Sister Pat Hall    unreleased versions and mixes   Released 25th September  to be shipped  18th September 

WAXCOCD001     Barcode:   CD: 5060446070444     The first 200 mail order customers will get the album plus 2 polaroid facsimilies 

DL: 5060446070451 

Disc One

1.      I Aint Goin’ Nowhere – Gloria Jones  unreleased broadcast version

2.      Lovin’ You ( Walk through that door ) - Richard Jones   Unreleased Track

3.      Tainted Love – Gloria Jones      unreleased version

4.      Sunken Rags-  Sister Pat Hall  O/T

5.      Jitterbug Love – Sister Pat Hall O/T

6.      Tell Me Now – Sister Pat Hall

7.      Go Now – Gloria Jones   single version unreleased on Cd

8.      High – Sister Pat Hall O/T

9.      Power Of Love – Richard Jones   Unreleased Track

10.   Sailors of the Highway -Sister Pat Hall O/T

11.   Get It On- Sister Pat Hall  O/T   Unreleased Track

12.   City Port- Sister Pat Hall  O/T

13.   Do Your Thing -Sister Pat Hall  O/T

14.   Ghetto Baby Blues – Sister Pat Hall O/T

15.   Drive Me Crazy (Disco Lady)   o/t– Gloria Jones

16.   When I Was A Child – Sister Pat Hall O/T

17.   No No No – Richard Jones   Unreleased Track

18.   Pure Magic -Richard Jones   Unreleased Track

Disc Two

1.                I really love you babe Intro 

2.                Sailors Of The Highway    Gloria o/t

3.                Big Black Cat   Sister Pat Hall O/T

4.                Tell Me Now    Gloria Jones  o/t

5.                Go Now   Gloria Jones  Prepared version for Broadcast

6.                I Really Love You Babe ( reprise)   MB & Gloria Jones   WIP   

7.                Cry Baby (piano) – Gloria Jones **  WIP

8.                Sailors Of The Highway  Marc & Gloria Acoustic ** WIP

9.                Ghetto Baby Blue Marc &Gloria ** WIP

10.             Sky Church Music – alt version Marc & Gloria     WIP


Produced By Marc Bolan & Gloria Jones except * Produced By Gloria Jones

** Home Recordings belonging to Marc & Gloria


·        New label set up to help fund The Marc Bolan School Of Music & Film working in co-ordination with Marc’s Family; Partner singer songwriter  Gloria Jones and son Rolan Feld

·        Features unreleased tracks produced by Marc & Gloria for Gloria s own releases and her brother Richard Jones unreleased album and for the abandoned album by T.Rex backing singer Sister Pat Hall.

·        All tracks are different versions in varying degrees or completely unreleased including some recordings from Marc & Gloria’s home.

·        All tracks have been audio restored and re mastered from new sources.

·        The gatefold sleeve package and booklet includes unseen photos from Marcs family 

Designed by Les Clark 

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