Rockabilly Rampage **Special Offer** Both Volumes 2x Coloured Vinyl Lps +2xCDs

Rockabilly Rampage **Special Offer** Both Volumes 2x Coloured Vinyl Lps +2xCDs

Label: Vip Vop
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Cat:  Vipvop001     Barcode:      5060174955754      


Side One:

1.      ( You ain’t nothin’ but a Female) Hound Dog     Charlie Gore and Louis Innis

2.      In Deed I Do                           Vince Maloy

3.      Old Bee Tree                           Buck Griffin

4.      Bust Head Gin                        Don Wade

5.      Willie Joe                                 Mystery Trio

6.      Red Hen Hop                           Louvin Brothers

7.      Day Late and a Dollar Short     Billy Barton

8.      Nameless                                 The Rockin' Rs

9.      Oh Stop                                     Tunesmiths

Side Two:

1.      Don’t You Love me         Mac Curtis

2.      Bedlam                             The Sounds

3.      You Told A Fib                 Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps

4.      Hard Up Blues                 Blankenship Brothers

5.      Old Deacon Jones          Andy Starr

6.      I’m So Lonely                  Bill Flagg and His Rockabillies

7.      My Bird Dog                   Denver Bill Clarke and His Ranch Hands

8.      Mister Hoody                 Tommy Blake and His Rhythm Rebels

9.      Just For You                     Curt Jensen


·        Classic rare Rockabilly cuts restored & re mastered

·        Limited Edition Red 180 g Vinyl

·        Each Copy comes with CD

·        Series cover art designed by acclaimed French artist Sophie LO

·        Liner notes by author & writer  Dick Porter

·        Compiled for true rockabilly fans young and old 


Cat:  Vipvop002     Barcode:  5060174955761     September 2013    


Side One

1.      Betty Ann                            Cruisers

2.      Hey Jibbo                              Art Wood

3.      Tom Tom                              Carl Newman

4.      You Gonna Go Away          Rick Rickels and His Wild Guitar

5.      Come Home                       Duane Gray

6.      Pitch Black                         Linc Jeffries with the Missing Links

7.      Ramshackled Shack           Lee Harmon  and The Circle C Band 

8.      Don't Sweep That Dirt On Me       Buddy Shaw

9.      Signifying Monkey               Smokey Joe

10.   Moon Rocketin'                   Les Vogt


Side Two

1.      This Old Bomb Of Mine        Jim Flaherty's Caravan with Howie Stange

2.      Who Doed It?                         Ronnie Lyn

3.      Undecided                              Jerry Parsons and the Blue Jeans

4.      My Lovin' Baby                      Ray Stanley

5.      Fat Woman                             Bill Mack

6.      Who Slapped John?               Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps

7.      My Chicken Pen                    Warren Robbe

8.      Zzztt, Zzztt, Zzztt                    Wink Lewis & Buz Busby

9.      Saki (Part II)                            Earl Craig   and The Down Beats

10.   The Hunch                             Hasil Adkins


·       Some of the rarest cuts around from the late 50’s early 60’s

·       Limited edition Red Vinyl


·       There has recently seen a huge resurgence in Rockabilly with many people seeking out vinyl once again. 


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