Television Personalities .......Tribute To The ~ Volume 1: "If I Could Write Poetry" Incl Nikki Sudden

Television Personalities .......Tribute To The ~ Volume 1: "If I Could Write Poetry" Incl Nikki Sudden

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Tribute To The Television Personalities ~ Volume 1: "If I Could Write Poetry"

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1.      Lovejoy - Someone To Share My Life With

2.      Nikki Sudden - If I Could Write Poetry

3.      The Higher Elevations - Engine Driver

4.      The Baskervilles - La Grande Illusion

5.      The Thanes - World Of Pauline Lewis

6.      Bartlebees - And Then Suddenly

7.      Mandervilles - Where's Bill Grundy Now (Middle Mix)

8.      Armitage Shanks - 14th Floor (Slight Return)

9.      Sixtynine & The Continuous People - The Girl Who Had Everything

10.   Miniskirt - A Good & Faithful Servant

11.   The Paisley Shirts - Sad Mona Lisa

12.   Spiggott v Zane - Salvadore Dali's Garden Party

13.   The Container Drivers - A Picture Of Dorian Gray

14.   Woog Riots - Television Personalities

15.   No Men - Part Time Punks

16.   Darrell Whitbeck - Stop & Smell The Roses

17.   Nick Danger & the DCR - Diary Of A Young Man

18.   The Happy Couple - The Dream Inspires

19.   Biff Bang Pow - Someone To Share My Life With


TVP Tribute 1 featuring Nikki Sudden


Television Personalities were a true visionary band, when it came to musical styles, mixing Mod, Psychedelic, Folk, Soul and Freakbeat with true 60's Pop sensibility. From their early "Part Time Punks", and "I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives" singles to the later "Sad Mona Lisa" and "A Sense of Belonging" they always displayed the unique ability to capture the feelings of life and express them beautifully in songs. They inspired many musicians including Nikki Sudden, who was an old friend and ally and he recorded a wonderful version of "If I Could Write Poetry" for our tribute. The following are some of Nikki's words about Dan Treacy:


"Dan's and my early careers traced along side by side. The first Television Personalities single, 14tth Floor / Oxford St. W1, was released the same week as Read About Seymour by Swell Maps. John Peel wrote about both of us and about the Desperate Bicycles brilliant The Medium Was Tedium single in his weekly column in Sounds. All three bands became friends. The Maps recorded three Peel sessions, Dan was probably too shy to ask. The Desperate Bicycles were too left field... But we got on well enough. I wrote the riff and chords to Midget Submarines in Dan's parents' flat on the Kings Road."


"When the TVPs released I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives I thought it was a bit twee but was proud for Dan that it did so well. The band were offered a support to Dave Gilmour at the Hammersmith Odeon but kicked off the bill after the first night when at the song's climax Dan announced Syd Barrett's address to the Pink Floyd fans in the audience. Not the best career move.


In A Picture Of Dorian Gray Dan sang, "And there's a thousand midget Russians in midget submarines," which was a nice gesture. In his best known song, Part Time Punks, he wrote, "They'd like to buy the O-Level single or Read About Seymour but they're not pressed in red so they buy the Lurkers instead." The bonus track on the second Maps' single, Dresden Style, had Epic playing the motif from Part Time Punks on the piano with Epic and Richard putting on Dan and Ed (Ball) accents as Nicholas Parsons and Russell Harty (the TVPs artists' names)..."


"The thing about Dan's songs was even though every expense was spared in their recording the quality of the songwriting shone out. The Part Time Punks EP was (I believe) recorded in two hours for either a tenner or twenty quid. It sold tens of thousands. I hope Dan got the money. I think he did! You want naïve charm, the TVPs had it by the bucketload... But they had a hell of a lot more as well. Dan had (and still has real talent). "


"So, twenty six years on from our first meeting I'm sitting in Berlin listening to The Godlike genius of Dan Treacy. Hope we meet again before too long. And I hope you like my version of If I Could Write Poetry. I hope Epic likes it as well..."


Also Alan Mcgee was a fan and the Television Personalities inspired Creation Records. His band Biff Bang Pow, did a wonderful cover of "Someone to Share My Life With". He also released several songs on Dan Treacy's Whaam! record label under the band names The Laughing Apple and The Revolving Paint Dream (with early Primal Scream member Andrew Innes)) - here is an article by Alan McGee about the band - and one quote:


"The shambolic genius behind Television Personalities made me realise that I could run a label. Yet this great songwriter still hasn't been fully recognised for his contribution to music"


"I'm not a nostalgic person, but the first TVP gig I saw in 1982 changed my life. Back then, the first two TVP albums And Don't the Kids Just Love It and Mummy You're Not Watching Me established Treacy as the UK's version of Jonathan Richman, as reimagined by Ray Davies."


What started out as single tribute CD has grown to a projected 10 volume international tribute of which 3 volumes have already been released and with contributions from Nikki Sudden, BMX Bandits, Jeremy Gluck, Phil Wilson, Biff Bang Pow, The Legend!, The Thanes, The Higher Elevations, The Shambles, The Swell Maps, Jo Bartlett, Sarandon, Boyracer and many, many more.

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