Nina Antonia: 13 Knots - Collected Poetry & Prose

Nina Antonia: 13 Knots - Collected Poetry & Prose

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TBMr Records are proud to announce the new release, '13 Knots', a limited edition collection of Nina Antonia’s poetry and prose.  Best known for her fusion of rock n’ roll and literature, ’13 Knots’ is a compendium of anti-heroes, demon lovers,  ragged Bohemia and England’s esoteric past. From Johnny Thunders to Pan, Nico to Lenny Bruce, the journey is one of creative transcendence and asks who pays the piper for our dreams? Is it to be found in crack- house, carnival or guitar riff? ’ Although ’13 Knots’ marks a departure from Nina’s critically acclaimed books, including ‘Johnny Thunders – In Cold Blood’‘ & 'The New York Dolls – Too Much Too Soon’, the theme of life teetering on a tightrope, remains eternal.
Lavishly illustrated with photographs and original artwork.


Quotes on Nina’s work
Johnny Thunders: “The smartest chick I ever met.”
Peter Doherty: “Watch Nina write; she riots.”
Morrissey: “Priceless books for one such as I.”

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