Iggy Pop: Shot Myself Up with David Bowie - CD

Iggy Pop: Shot Myself Up with David Bowie - CD

Label: Easy Action
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remastered with bonus tracks 

CD Album  in gatefold Card sleeve 

1.            Raw Power

2.            T.V Eye

3.            Dirt

4.            Turn Blue

5.            Funtime

6.            Gimme Danger

7.            No Fun

8.            Sister Midnight

9.            I Need Somebody

10.         Search & Destroy

11.         I wanna be your dog

12.         China Girl

13.          Dum Dum Boys         Alt Mix Bonus Track

14.          Baby                              Alt Mix Bonus Track

15.          China Girl                    Alt Mix Bonus Track

16.          Tiny Girls                     Outtake Bonus Track                                                                                       

17.           Funtime                      U.S TV Broadcast

18.          Sister Midnight         U.S TV Broadcast

1-12 Recorded at Mantra Studios Chicago 28th March 1977   & 17&18 Recorded at CBS Studios 15th April. Musicians: Rick Gardiner –guitar, David Bowie-Kybds, Tony Sales-Bass, Hunt Sales-Drums

13-16 Recorded France May –July 1976 Musicians Laurent Thibault, Michel Santageli, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, George Murray, Dennis Davis, Carlos Alomar, Phil Palmer


** these are radio broadcast performances so the audio will not be the same as multi track recorded performances . WE have done our best to clean up and improve these recordings 


Artwork Les Clark 

Photos Ian Dickson

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