Beach Boys: Surfin' 2 X CD

Beach Boys: Surfin'  2 X CD

Beach Boys: Surfin' 2 X CD

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The Earliest Recordings of this seminal U.S Group 

Disc One  Remastered                                      

  1. "Surfin' Safari"                      
  2. "County Fair"                   
  3. "Ten Little Indians"               
  4. "Chug-A-Lug"                          
  5. "Little Girl (You're My Miss America)"   Dennis Vocals 
  6. "409"                                       
  7. "Surfin'"                                  
  8. "Heads You Win – Tails I Lose"       
  9. "Summertime Blues"           
  10. "Cuckoo Clock"           
  11. "Moon Dawg"                      
  12. "The Shift"                            

Hite Morgan, Nick Venet and Murry Wilson

RecordedOctober 3, 1961; April 19, August 8, September 5–6, 1962,

Capitol & Hite Morgan Studios, California. Originally Released 1st October 1962 as Surfin Safari 


Disc Two   The earliest Recordings  

  1. Studio chatter
  2. Surfin’    (First attempt) (Brian Wilson /Mike Love)
  3. Studio chatter 
  4. Surfin’ (Master take x-301, Candix 301,331 Capitol LPT-1081) (Brian Wilson /Mike Love)
  5. Studio Chatter
  6. Luau (First attempt) (Bruce Morgan)
  7. Luau        (Bruce Morgan)  ( Master Take B- side of X-301, Candix 301,331) 
  8. Surfin’ Safari        (B. Wilson/Mike Love)
  9. Studio chatter
  10. Surfin’ Safari (master) (B. Wilson/Mike Love)
  11. Studio chatter
  12. Surfer Girl (master) ( B.Wilson)
  13. Judy (take 1) ( B.Wilson)
  14. Judy (master) ( B.Wilson)
  15. Beach Boys Stomp (Karate) (Carl Wilson) 
  16. Surfin Safari    Overdub demo (B. Wilson/Mike Love)
  17. Lavender           (Dorinda Morgan) 
  18. Luau                  (Bruce Morgan) 
  19. Surfin               (Brian Wilson /Mike Love)
  20. Barbie           (Bruce Morgan)   (stereo)
  21. What is a young girl made of   (Bruce Morgan) (stereo) 

Tracks 1-7 First Beach Boys Session 3rd Oct 1961 

Tracks 8-16 Candix Recording Session of February 8th 1962

Tracks 17-19 Recorded as The Pendeltones 15th September 1961 Hite Morgans living room.

Tracks 20/21 Recorded as Kenny & The Cadets on March 8th 1962 issued on Randy -442

  • This package contains the very first Beach Boys album remastered plus all the earliest recordings leading up to that LP
  • Includes the original Randy 7” 45 sides issued under the name of Kenny & The Cadets also the great No.1 hits Surfin’ & Surfin’ Safari 
  • Unpublished photographs Designed by Les 'Surf's Up' Clark the leading champion in Aberdeen's Surf Academy 
  • Liner notes by Author Dick Porter
  • Presented in gatefold cardboard soft pack 

Brief Overview

In the autumn of 1961, cousins Brian Wilson and Mike Love composed a song on surfing, titled "Surfin'" at the behest of Brian's younger sibling, Dennis Wilson. They quickly formed a band, bringing in the youngest Wilson brother Carl on lead guitar and Brian's high school friend Al Jardine on rhythm guitar. Brian took up bass, Dennis the drums and Mike would be the frontman, while they all would harmonize vocals arranged by Brian. Released that December, produced by Hite Morgan, and backed by "Luau", "Surfin'" made number 75 in the US Top 100 in early 1962.

Father Murry Wilson became the band's manager. He submitted a professionally recorded demo tape to Capitol Records that spring. The Beach Boys were signed and "Surfin' Safari" b/w "409" (from the April 1962 demo tape) was released as a single that June. Al Jardine left the band before the demo session, re-joining the band in the fall of 1963. With both "Surfin' Safari" and "409" becoming hits (the former reaching US number 14), Capitol Records approved a full album. Brian Wilson, who regularly collaborated with Mike Love and Gary Usher, contributed the songs that made up the bulk of the LP.

The official production credit on Surfin' Safari went to Nick Venet, though some[who?] have reported Brian Wilson contributed to the production.[citation needed] The second single, "Ten Little Indians", was less successful, reaching only number 49, with Brian feeling that "Chug-A-Lug" would have made a far better follow-up. Though Mike and Brian are the most prominent singers, Dennis makes his first vocal appearance on "Little Girl (You're My Miss America)" (shown as "Little Miss America" on the album cover).

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