xLast Minute Put Together Boogie Band: Six Hour Technicolour Dream SOLD OUT

xLast Minute Put Together Boogie Band: Six Hour Technicolour Dream SOLD OUT

Label: Easy Action
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An extraordinary live recording of a band put together by ex Tomorrow /Pretty Things &  Pink Fairies drummer  Twink with Jack Monk and U.S singer Brice Pain but includes guests Fred Frith and one Syd Barrett 

Cambridge Corn Exchange January 27th 1972 

1.Sea Cruise      

2.L.A to London Boogie    



5.Drinkin’ that wine ( with Syd )  

6.Number Nine (with Syd)

7.Gotta be a reason  (with Syd)   

8.Let’s Roll     

9.Sweet Little Angel  

Bruce Paine  Vox 

Twink:   Drums 

Jack Monck:   Bass

W/ Guests

Fred Frith: Gtr

Syd Barrett: Gtr


Copyright owners are Easy Action Recordings Ltd

•Rare recording of what possibly turned out to be the last recorded live performance of Syd Barrett.

        This original reel of tape has been the Holy Grail for the thousands of Syd Barrett fans around the world 

•Includes interview with legend Twink who was drummer on the night.

•Band comprised of the late American singer Bruce Paine (Steamhammer & HAIR ) Jack Monck ( Delivery) 

        & Twink (Tomorrow, Pretty Things , Pink Fairies) 



After a spell in Morocco, Twink (ex-Pink Fairies) moved to Cambridge and worked with the 'Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band', initially with vocalist/guitarist Bruce Michael Paine (ex-Apple Pie & star of the San Francisco production of 'Hair') and John 'Honk' Lodge (Junior's Eyes, Quiver) playing bass. The Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band, now with ex-Delivery bass player Jack Monck, backed American Blues guitarist Eddie "Guitar" Burns at King's College Cellar on 26 January 1972. Jack's wife Jenny Spires, a friend of Twink's and former girlfriend of Syd Barrett (ex-Pink Floyd), went with Syd down to the gig and he brought his guitar along and jammed with them in the last set.

At the "Six Hour Technicolor Dream" at the Cambridge Corn Exchange the next day (27 January), the Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band, with guests Fred Frith and Syd Barrett, played on a bill with Hawkwind and the Pink Fairies.The Boogie Band played five tracks before being joined on stage by Syd for a further three.

Within the next day or two Jenny, Jack & Twink said 'wouldn't it be great to get Syd playing again'. Twink recalled: "We went round to his house and... Syd came to the door and Jenny said, 'Jack and Twink were thinking it would be nice to form a band, just the three of you.' So he said 'Yeah, alright, come in'. And that was that. We started rehearsing down in the basement of his house, that's how it started." "We were doing all of Syd's stuff, old material like 'Lucifer Sam'.

 We did about half a dozen gigs. I think it was a pretty tight set but some of the gigs were kind of loose because we didn't have road managers, we just had people helping out and stuff. We played all around the Cambridge area, didn't go out of Cambridge, just places like coffee bars - and we played the Market Square, that was the most memorable gig. 

It was a good gig, it was really brilliant."  "And we did a few in the Dandelion Coffee Bar, I think we did two there & they were also good." This gig was recorded, and while one mastertape was confiscated by EMI in 1985, another copy surfaced in 2005. In June 2010 this tape was offered for auction but failed to reach its reserve price. It was then purchased by the Easy Action label, who also hold the tapes of the Pink Fairies and Hawkwind sets from the same show. 

Easy Action released the Hawkwind set as an album licensed from EMI Music in 2012, and are currently restoring and mastering the Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band tape for an official release in Spring 2014.

This recording was taped on a grundig reel to reel which was on the stage during the performance and wires and leads were being pulled and tripped over all adding to the quaintness of the recording sonically brilliant it aint Pink Floyd it is NOT .

Yes Syd Barrett IS playing on some songs 

No this is Not STARS

Yes Syd Barrett's estate have legally ok'd this release

Yes we have restored and remastered as much as is humanly possibly but when leads are pulled out and plugged back in mid performance there is nothing we can do about it 

So here it is warts n all one of the very last performances of Mr Syd Barrett guesting with his chums 

Design Les  gis a mushroom  Clark 

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