Moriaty: Esperanza EP

Moriaty: Esperanza EP

Label: Easy Action
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Already established as one of the South West’s most incendiary live acts, Devonian duo Moriaty trail their hotly anticipated album debut with the Esperanza EP. Showcasing four flawless facets of Moriaty’s impressively diverse sonic palate, the disc features productions by John Cornfield, best known for his work with Robert Plant, the Stone Roses and Muse, alongside a guest vocal from acclaimed Bristol talent Jonny Steele.


  1. Esperanza [Radio Edit]
  2. Bitten
  3. Moriarty
  4. Gods & Ghosts [Featuring Jonny Steele]

‘Built on explosive dynamics and uncanny onstage telepathy, Moriaty's live power has been harnessed on these loincloth-detonating recordings, which are sure to hasten their rise as one of the most original, incendiary acts the UK has seen for years.’
Kris Needs, Record Collector, Classic Rock, Shindig, etc

‘An eight limbed mass of flailing, churning, powerhouse cheese-grater blues, all wrapped up in skin tight suits – Moriaty will make your pores bleed.’

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