Captain Sensible: Revolution Now CD

Captain Sensible: Revolution Now CD

Captain Sensible: Revolution Now CD

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  1. Missing the boat (Burns) 
  2. Smash It Up (Pt.4) (Burns) 
  3. Toys Take Over (Burns / Newell) 
  4. S.2 (Burns) 
  5. A Riot on Eastbourne Pier (Burns) 
  6. Wake Up (You’re only Dreaming) (Burns) 
  7. Green Light (Burns / Newell) 
  8. LIB 2/3 (Burns) 
  9. Revolution Now (Burns / Newell) 
  10. Phone In (Burns / Newell) 
  11. I Get So Excited (Gordon / Grant) 
  12. Vosene (Sensible / Stupid) 
  13. Kamikaze Millionaire (Burns / Newell) 
  14. Exploding Heads and Teapots (Past Their prime) (Burns) 
  15. The Coward of Treason’s Cove (Burns / Badowski)

Classic Cpt Double LP on CD again for the first time in 15 years includes summer tunes such as A Riot on Eastbourne Pier...the wonderful Exploding Heads & Teapots...pop classic Missing the Boat… and the epic The Coward of Treason Cove.

This album, possibly more than any other, shows off The Captain's talents not only as a musician but as a great songwriter.

In gatefold card sleeve redesigned by Captain Sensible & realised by Les Clark

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