Brian James: Damned If I do - CD

Brian James: Damned If I do - CD

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1. New Rose 
2. Born to Kill 
3. You take my money 
4. Feel the Pain
5. Sick of being Sick
6. Alone 
7. I fall 
8. Fan club 
9. Neat Neat Neat 


Some of the seminal punk anthems of 1976 including the U.K.’s first ever Punk Single ‘New Rose’ being re addressed by the man who wrote them with today’s sound. The link to the video is below.

Brian is currently on Tour with Co Damned founder Rat Scabies performing these songs and more from the first two Damned albums.

A film is currently being shot about The Damned by Wes Orshoski who Made the ‘Lemmy’ Movie.Amusingly Adverts Bassist Gaye Advert provides us with the spoken intro to New Rose.

The Damned and Adverts toured famously under the Stiff Records banner “The Adverts know one chord, The Damned know two, hear all three chords at...”


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