TV Smith: CHEAP Anthology CD

TV Smith: CHEAP Anthology CD

Label: Easy Action
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The Third & Final Of The Re Mastered & Expanded Re Issues by TV Smith 

1.Leisure Time

2.My string will snap

3.New ways are best 

4.Free world

5.Silicon Valley holiday

6.Luxury in exile

7.Buried by the machine 


9.Ready for the axe to drop

10.The newshound

11.Beauty treatment

12.Lord’s prayer 

13.Cheap                BONUS

14.200 Blows            BONUS

15.Third Term   radio session     BONUS

16.Silicon valley holiday  radio session     BONUS

17.Luxury in exile   radio session     BONUS

18.Buried by the machine  radio session     BONUS

19.New Ways Are Best     BONUS

20.Third term                    BONUS

21.Lord’s prayer  -live   BONUS


•Third in the series of Re mastered album s TV Smith’s Cheap comes with no less than 8 Bonus tracks 

•Original album has been out of print for over 15 years 

•Completely re packaged in similar de luxe packaging to “ March of the Giants “ & “ Last word of the great explorer”

•TV Smith goes out on tour across Europe with UK Subs 

•TV Smiths profile was raised significantly by the documentary on BBC about his career.

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