Scott Morgan 6 x CD bundle

Scott Morgan 6 x CD bundle

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Bundle of the Scott Morgan 3 chords and a Cloud of Dust box set with Revolutionary Action 2 CD Set   Plus Guardian Angel CD album 

Scott Morgan - 3 Chords and a Cloud of Dust - Boxset


This is a career spanning anthology of Detroit guitar hero / legend Scott Morgan containing key tracks from his 40 years plus performing and writing music from his beat combo The Rationals version of Respect (pre dating the stella hit by Aretha Franklin) through the legendary years as a member of the Sonics Rendezvous Band to the teaming up with one of the most exciting  rock bands of the time The Hellacopters and forming the Hydromatics and laying waste to most of Europe with their updated versions of SRB tracks onto the Soul Revue Solution based in Sweden and formed with Hellacopter Nicke Andersson

    The set also contains many unreleased tracks including studio cuts from the short lived Guardian Angel and  rare recordings of 7” singles
    The in depth liner notes are written by Scotts ex manager and Real O Mind record company boss Geoff Ginsberg
    The booklet also boast many un published photos across Scott’s career
    Guest musicians  include both Ron & Scott Asheton  of the Stooges , Fred ‘Sonic’ Smith & Wayne Kramer of The MC5, Deniz Tek of Radio Birdman, Nicke Royale of the Hellacopters , Gary Rasmussen  The Up
    Features are expected in several music publications as growing interest in this anthology eg Classic Rock, Record Collector , Mojo, Uncut, Shindig (Uk) Metro times (U.S) Rumore (Italy) with France Germany and Scandinavia being targeted as regions of particular interest


DISC ONE: Lovin and Learnin’  
1.  Look What You’re Doing [To Me Baby] - Rationals single/1965 Think Rational cd
2.  Respect - Rationals single 1966/Think Rational cd
3.  I Need You [Goffin/King, not Kinks] - Rationals  single 1967/Think Rational cd
4.  Barefootin' -  Rationals lp/cd 1969       
5.  Guitar Army [lp version] - Rationals lp/cd 1969                    
6.  Cool Breeze   Guardian Angel SRC Studio 1971 previously unreleased
7.  Let’s work together - Guardian Angel SRC Studio 1971 previously unreleased
8.  Hijackin’ love - Guardian Angel Live Otis Span Field 1971 7” Rainbow Records first time on cd
9. Things get better - Guardian Angel Warehouse Studio 1972 previously unreleased   
10. Take a look - Scott Morgan solo single 1973 Detroit Records/Real O Mind first time on cd               
11. Soul Mover - Scott Morgan solo single 1973 Detroit Records/Real O Mind first time on cd
12. Mystically Yours [take 1] - SRB Feb. 19, 1976 basement tape, previously unreleased
13. Electrophonic Tonic [Master Version] - SRB 1977 from boxed set
14. Succeed - SRB live 1977-02-22 Second Chance cd Easy Action
15. Asteroid B-612 - SRB live April 4, 78 from boxed Set Easy Action   
16. Satisfying love - Scott Morgan solo 1978 Medium Rare                        
17. Power & Glory - SRB exact date unknown previoously unreleased  1980
18. Love & Learn - Scott Morgan & Brothers of the Road demo 1981 previously unreleased    
19. Pirate Music - Scott Morgan & Brothers of the Road demo 1981 previously unreleased
20. Gypsy Dancer - Scott Morgan  basement demo 12.1982 previously unreleased
21. Come On baby - Scott Morgan demo 1984 previously unreleased
22. She’s wild - Scott Morgan 1985 basement tape previously unreleased
DISC Two:  Sticking to your guns   
23. Detroit - Scott Morgan 7"single Jukebox Records 1987
24. Heaven & Earth - Scott Morgan Band Rock Action cd 1989
25. Everything - Scott Morgan Band Rock Action lp/cd Revenge Records 1989
22. The Monkey Time - The Rationals 1991 Medium Rare
27. Josie’s Well - Scots Pirates acoustic cable tv session 1992 Medium Rare
28. The Road Home - Scots Pirates acoustic cable tv session 1992 previously unreleased   
29. And Then There Was Love - Scots Pirates Action Now cd  1993  
30. Other End Of The City - Scots Pirates Action Now cd  1993
31. Stick To Your Guns - Scots Pirates Revolutionary  Means cd 1995
32. 88 - Scots Pirates Revolutionary Means cd 1995
33. I got A Right - Dodge Main 1996
34. City Slang - Motor Jam acoustic 1997 previously unreleased              
35. Respect - Scott Morgan w/ Fortune & Maltese FM session Sept, 1998 previously unreleased   
36. Leavin’ Here - Scott Morgan w/ Fortune & Maltese FM session Sept, 1998 previously unreleased
37. Endless Summer - Scott Morgan 1999 previously unreleased
38. Downright Blue - The Hellacopters 7" Single 1999
39. 16 with a Bullet - Scott Morgan & The Hellacopters 7" single 1999
40. Dangerous - The Hydromatics rocket dog 7” version 1999 first time on cd
DISC Three:  The New Millennium & Beyond the Sound  
41. Getting There Is Half The Fun  - Hydromatics Parts Unknown cd 1999
42. Earthy  - Hydromatics Parts Unknown cd 1999
43. Runaway Slaves - Hydromatics Parts Unknown cd 1999             
44. Satisfier - Scott Morgan alt gtr version 2000 previously unreleased   
45. Tumblin’ Down - The Hydromatics Powerglide cd 2001
46. R.I.P Rock n Roll - The Hydromatics Powerglide cd 2001
47. Future/Now - Deniz Tek, Scott Morgan & 3 Assasins cd  lived europe summer 2001
48. 1969 - Scott Morgan's Powertrane w/ Deniz Tek & Ron Asheton A2 Revival Meeting cd 2002
49. You’re So Great - The Hydromatics Live 10" [Madrid 2003]
50. I Have To Quit You Baby - The Solution Communicate 2004
51. Top Of The Stairs - The Solution Communicate 2004
52. Would You Change Your Mind - The Solution live Hultsfred 2004 previously unreleased
53. She Messed Up My Mind - The Solution live 7" Helsinki 2004 first time on cd
54. Beyond the Sound - Powertrane Beyond The Sound cd 2005
55. You Gotta Come Down - The Solution Will Not Be Televised 2007
56. Somebody - The Solution Will Not Be Televised 2007
57. Standin’ At The Juke - The Hydromatics The Earth Is Shaking cd 2007
58. 2+2=? - Powertrane demo previously unreleased
59. Do I Move You? - Scott Morgan s/t lp/cd 2010
60. Mississippi Delta - Scott Morgan s/t lp/cd 2010  
61. Soothe Me - Scott Morgan previously unreleased
62. The Wind - Scott Morgan 2010 previously unreleased  
62 SONGS/20 previously unreleased/5 first time on cd
Design Les Clark


Revolutionary Action

EARS054   Barcode: 5060174956300


Disc One     71.43

1.      Detroit

2.      Heaven And Earth

3.      Eagle Dance

4.      I Want More

5.      Other End Of The City

6.      Dante

7.      Pirate Music

8.      Josie's Well

9.      Everything

10.   Sugarcane

11.   Misery

12.   First Step

13.   Empty Heart

14.   Hijackin' Love

15.   Say Yeah

16.   16 With A Bullet

17.   Dreams Never Lie

18.   Heartland

19.   Running Away

  1. Can you see me      Live in Concert 1st December 1984






Disc Two   70.40

1.      88

2.      Stick To Your Guns

3.      Flawed Diamonds

4.      The Road Home

5.      And Then There Was Love

6.      I Need Some Easy Money

7.      You Got What You Wanted

8.      Cool Breeze

9.      New Year's Eve

10.   Bringin' It All Back Home

11.   Lovers Leap

12.   The Blues

13.   I'm The Man

14.   Out Of Our Minds

15.   Marijuana Wine

16.   Fuck The Violence

17.   Dear Dream Diary

18.   The Wind Blows The Name of Tazmemert


·        Ex Rationals , Guardian Angel, Sonics Rendezvous Band, Hydromatics one of the most respected guitarist singer songwriters in Detroit a true Legend!

·        All 3 Scott Morgan solo albums here re mastered on a double Cd

·        Features Scott Asheton (Stooges , SRB,) Gary Rasmussen ( The UP , SRB)

·        Includes unreleased track a cover version of Jimi Hendrix s Can You See Me ?

·        Preceded by the single ‘Detroit’ with promo video


 The Rationals

Morgan's first band was The Rationals. In the early years the band went through several lineup changes but in the end, the lineup consisted of Scott Morgan (guitars and vocals), Steve Correll (guitars), Terry Trabandt (bass guitar) and Bill Figg (drums). The band started out playing instrumental blues and surf-inspired music but in 1964 the band played a cover of Barrett Strong's "Money", which was noticed by manager Jeep Holland. The band soon started to record their music and started touring. In 1968 the MC5 opened for the band when the Five were recording their debut live LP. By the late 60's there was tension building within the band and both Iggy Pop and Scott Asheton were considered as replacements for drummer Bill Figg, and Terry Trabandt was supposedly considering leaving the band. In 1969 the band recorded their self-titled LP which was released in 1970. After an argument at the Embassy Hotel Lounge in Windsor, Ontario, the band finally decided to break up. Morgan then briefly regrouped with a band called Guardian Angel with his brother David on drums and Wayne "Tex" Gabriel on guitar.

Sonic's Rendezvous Band

After Guardian Angel Morgan joined up with former MC5 guitarist Fred "Sonic" Smith, drummer Scott Asheton of The Stooges and "Lightnin'" Gary Rasmussen in the late 1970s to form the Detroit rock supergroup Sonic's Rendezvous Band. The band only officially recorded in a studio once, which resulted in the "City Slang" single (self-released on their own label, Orchid). The only other studio track to have been released from the session is "Electrophonic Tonic," which was considered as a b-side for the "City Slang" single. However, for reasons now unknown, it was decided that the single would have a stereo version of "City Slang" on the a-side and a mono version on the b-side. By 1980 the band decided to go their separate ways. In the ensuing years, many bootlegs from the band's high energy live shows at venues such as Detroit's Bookies and Ann Arbor's Second Chance were passed around by fans. Due to the lack of recorded material, the band remained a mystery to many.

The Scott Morgan band and Scott's Pirates

During the 1980s, Morgan formed the Scott Morgan Band, which occasionally played in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area. In 1988, his band released an album entitled "Rock Action," which found Morgan (guitar and vocals) backed up by ex-Sonic's Rendezvous bassist Gary Rasmussen and ex-Stooges drummer Scott (aka "Rock Action") Asheton. The trio later toured in America under the name Scotts Pirates, which took its name from Morgan's song "Pirate Music," and released their selftitled album included two tracks from the Rock Action. Rock Action was followed up in 1996 with the record Revolutionary Means in 1996. The same year Scott teamed up with Wayne Kramer of the MC5 and Deniz Tek under the name Dodge Main. The band played live together around the midwest. One of the shows was recorded however it has not yet been released. In 1998 Morgan teamed up with Swedish rock band The Hellacopters on their U.S tour which led to the Ep Scott Morgan and The Hellacopters.


Guardian Angel

“Into Lightnin’ “


EARS064   Barcode: 5060174956294


01. THINGS GET BETTER [Eddie Floyd/Steve Cropper]

02. LET'S WORK TOGETHER [Wilbert Harrison]

03. COOL BREEZE [Scott Morgan]

04. THE FIRST TIME I SAW YOU BABY [Adrian Guillery]

05. SOUL MOVER [Scott Morgan]

06. SEE SAW [Don Covay/Steve Cropper]

07. HIJACKIN' LOVE [T. Hester/R. Wylie]

08. DOCTOR DOCTOR [Al Jacquez] - LEAVING MY BLUES [Greg Allman]

09. TAKE A LOOK [Scott Morgan]

10. FEEL SO BAD [Chuck Willis]

11. TELL THE TRUTH [Lowman Pauling] - YOUR LOVE MEANS EVERYTHING TO ME [Wright/Humphries/Starr]


13. BAREFOOTIN' [Robert Parker]

14. TAKE A LOOK [Scott Morgan]

15. SOUL MOVER [Scott Morgan]

16. COOL BREEZE [Scott Morgan]

17. FEEL SO BAD [Chuck Willis]

18. THINGS GET BETTER [Eddie Floyd/Steve Cropper]



·        With the exception of a 7” single issued at the time on a local independent record label this material has remained unreleased for over 41 years!

·        All tracks are taken from original studio reels 


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