Tyrannosaurus Rex - A Whole Zinc of Finches Marc Bolan 6 CDs & DVD

Tyrannosaurus Rex - A Whole Zinc of Finches Marc Bolan 6 CDs & DVD

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Marc Bolan started work on his new songs after leaving the group Johns Children and also taking a couple that he’d recorded with them as well and started to create something ‘BIG’ in his plans for the future as big as a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Some songs were worked through at home on his own and some with Steve Peregrine Took who would be the percussionist. Tyrannosaurus Rex released four albums, three with Steve Took and one with Mickey Finn who would later enjoy teen adulation alongside Marc in T.Rex. All the albums and outtakes from those sessions have been issued by Universal. What we have here are home demos and work in progress and live shows all of which are as rare as “hens teeth” as it was considered that some of this material simply did not exist. Well it does and here for the long time Marc Bolan fan is the proof

  • This six disc boxed set contains totally unheard material from Marc’s own tapes (recently returned to the family), incredible snippets of work in progress, unused version of songs that differ from the final released track
  • It includes a lavish and informative booklet that includes extensive liner notes and rare photographs and memorabilia from the Tyrannosaurus Rex fan club
  • The Box also contains a miniature copy of a Tyrannosaurus Rex concert programme from the Queens Hall in London 1969
  • Disc One includes the FINAL broadcast of John Peel’s “Perfumed Garden” show from the late sixties Pirate radio station radio London which is completely unreleased
  • Disc Two contains totally unheard material from Marc’s own tapes (recently returned to the family), and includes incredible snippets of work in progress, unused version of songs that differ from the final released tracks. Sleepy Maurice was issued as a fan club 7” and along with Chateau in Virginia Waters, Child Star, Highways and a version of Demon Queen appear on the boxed set “20th Century Superstar” the rest of the material is previously unheard
  • Disc Three contains two London shows. The Lyceum enjoyed a limited released in the nineties however the Queens Hall show is previously unreleased
  • Disc Four featuring Marc and Steve Took live in New York is previously unreleased
  • Disc Five includes the two tracks from the 7” single by Marc’s next short lived project Dib Cochran & the Earwigs featuring Rick Wakeman and an unreleased jam from those sessions. Also featured is an unreleased live version of Pavilions of Sun from Holland and a previously unheard version of Oh Baby demoed whilst still Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Disc Six includes a DVD of extremely rare footage of Tyrannosaurus Rex all of which is previously unreleased

The Unreleased recording of the Final Perfumed Garden

14th August 1967 (33.45)

1. John Peel Opening the gates of the Perfumed Garden
2. Rings of Fortune ::: Tyrannosaurus Rex
3. Hippy Gumbo ::: Marc Bolan
4. The Wizard ::: Marc Bolan
5. Highways ::: Tyrannosaurus Rex
6. Desdemona ::: John’s Children
7. Winnie the pooh ::: John Peel
8. Sarah Crazy Child ::: John’s Children
9. John Peel closing the gates of the Perfumed Garden

Demos & work in progress (74:58)

1. 'Child Star' ::: 2:35 Previously available on Boxed Set
2. 'Highways' ::: 1:59 Previously available on Boxed Set
3. Sleepy Maurice ::: 2:52 Previously available on Boxed Set
4. 'Chateau In Virginia Waters' ::: 2:34 Previously available on Boxed Set
5. Deep Summer (instr) ::: 4.41
6. Rock Me / Puckish Pan ::: 2:57
7. One inch rock (diff Beginning) ::: 2.20
8. Sea Beasts ::: 2:18
9. Cat Black ::: 2:42
10. Chariots of Silk ::: 2:20
11. Pilgrims Tale ::: 1:59
12. Like a White Star tangled and far tulip thats what you are ::: 3:35
13. Prelude ::: 1.45
14. King of the rumbling Spires Versions 1&2 ::: 3.54
15. June Child & Marc recitation ::: 15.01
16. Lofty Skies lead break versions 1&2 ::: 2:35
17. Dragon’s ear Versions 1&2 ::: 3.00
18. The Wizard Vocal extracts ::: 1.35
19. Summer Deep 3 parts ::: 2.47
20. Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart ::: 2.14
21. Elemental Child ::: 3.57
22. Organ Blues ::: 1.33
23. Pictures of Purple People Live ::: 2:00
24. Demon Queen ::: 1.36

Live in London

Lyceum ballroom 11th April 1969
1. Unicorn / Hot Rod mama
2. Afghan Woman
3. Debora
4. Mustang Ford
5. Stacey Grove
6. Salamanda Palaganda
7. Wind Quartets
8. One inch rock
9. Chariots of silk
10. The Seal of seasons
11. Conesuela
12. Nijinski Hind
13. Once upon the seas of Abyssinia
14. Do you remember ?
15. The Wizard
16. Conesuela

Queen Elizabeth Hall 13th Jan 1969 unreleased show

17. The seal of seasons
18. One inch rock
19. Eastern spell
20. Wind quartets
21. Mustang ford
22. Salamanda Palaganda
23. Strange Orchestras
24. Evenings of Damask
25. Chariots of silk
26. Pewter Suitor
27. The Traveling Tragition

In America

Unreleased live show at Café au go go New York 16th august 1969

1. For the lion and the unicorn /hot rod mama
2. Debora
3. Afghan woman
4. Misty coast of Albany
5. Mustang ford
6. The seal of seasons
7. Chariots of silk
8. Strange Orchestras
9. The wizard
10. Stacey grove
11. One inch rock
12. Conesuela
13. Nijinsky hind
14. Once upon the seas of Abyssinia
15. Salamanda palaganda
16. Blue Thumb USA unreleased promo 45 Marc & John Peel 1969
17. The Wizard USA unreleased promo with Dwarfish Trumpet Blues Story

A new dawn

1. Interviews ::: chicago 23rd aug 1969
2. Oh Baby – Dib Cochran & the Earwigs (Original A side )
3. Universal Love - Dib Cochran & the Earwigs (Original B side)
4. Pavillions of sun live ::: Rotterdam June 1970 Unreleased
5. Jam session – Dib Cochran & the Earwigs ::: CTS Studios,Wembley march 1970 Unreleased
6. Oh Baby – Tyrannosaurus Rex version ::: Unreleased

DVD Unreleased footage

1. Debora & Mustang Ford ::: Kempton race course
2. Stacey grove & Salamanda Palaganda ::: Paris, August 1968
3. By the Light of the Magical moon ::: Rotterdam, June 1970
4. Rarn and Suneye ::: London rock
5. Kempton Race Course footage

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