Primal Scream and MC5: Black to Comm - DVD

Primal Scream and MC5: Black to Comm - DVD

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DKT/MC5 and Primal Scream: Black to Comm

  • The complete performances by two of the world’s best and most renowned rock n roll bands captured on film and surround sound performing in front of one audience. Shows like this rarely happen in rock n roll history but we caught this one and this is the documentative evidence of one the most explosive rock n roll gigs to be seen in decades!
  • NTSC REGION FREE watchable anywhere !
  • Over two and a half hours of none stop premiere rock n roll
  • The legendary MC5 Davis Kramer Thompson will play their final ever show in July 2011 this being the only show they have done since this concert. Primal Scream have their profile higher now than it has been for ten years with the re issue and world tour of their seminal album “Screamadelica”!
  • The set list is pulsating with classic rock tracks such as ‘Ramblin’ Rose’, ‘ Kick out the Jams’, ‘Looking at You’ , ‘Movin on up’ , ‘Accelerator’ , ‘Rocks’ ‘Sister Anne’, ‘Shoot Speed Kill Light ‘ and the encore sees BOTH bands on stage together for half an hour with guest and former MC5 manager John Sinclair. Handling lead vocals for the MC5 on this night was William Duvall ( Alice in Chains)
  • The cover artwork is a painting by MC5 bassist Mike Davis based on a sketch that was done whilst on the road in the sixties then redone exclusively for this release.
  • Advertising will be taken out in all major rock magazines Mojo, Uncut, Vive Le Rock, Record Collector, where reviews are also expected.

Primal Scream (53:24)

1.    Accelerator 3:29
2.    Miss Lucifer 2:48
3.    Beautiful future 5:13
4.    Suicide Bomb 7:01
5.    Kowalski 5:28
6.    Uptown 5:14
7.    Beautiful Summer (with Melanie Draisey) 5:12
8.    Shoot speed kill light 4:51
9.    Swastika Eyes 6:08
10.  Rocks 3:48
11.  Cant go back 4:42

MC5 (59:38)

1.    Ramblin Rose 3:34
2.    Kick out the Jams 4:07
3.    Come Together 5:02
4.    Motor City is Burning 4:26
5.    Call me Animal 3:03
6.    Sister Anne 6:43
7.    I want you right now 4:26
8.    Over & Over 5:37
9.    Looking at you 5:48
10.  I believe to my soul 6:02
11.  Human Being Lawnmower 5:00
12.  The American Ruse 5:24

Primal Scream & MC5

1.    I can only give you everything 3:38
2.    Movin on up 5:15
3.    Skull X 3:43
4.    Rama Lama Fa fa fa ( Rocket Reducer No.62) 3:19
5.    Black to Comm (feat. John Sinclair ) 14:07

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