xMC5: Purity Accuracy Album - CD Sold Out

xMC5: Purity Accuracy Album - CD Sold Out

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  • Purity Accuracy is the first “Band Authorised” project since 1971
  • This condensed “Best of the Box” contains unreleased material
  • The booklet contains previously unpublished photos supplied by the band
  • This album also Includes the band performing new versions of classic songs with Lemmy from Motorhead, Nicke from the Hellacopters and Dave Vanian from the Damned on vocals
  • Liner notes by celebrated “Rock author” Nina Antonia feature current interviews with all of the surviving members of the band PLUS interview with manager John Sinclair
  • The MC5 (DKT) completed a successful World Tour which commenced in Toronto in June 2004 to the end of the year plus a prestigious appearance with the Sun Ra Archestra at the Royal Festival Hall 25th February 2005
  • Kerrang rated the boxed set from which this compilation is taken KKKKK

MC5 - Purity Accuracy - The Album contents

  1. Gotta Keep Movin' demo
    What an opener ! written by Dennis ‘machine gun’ Thompson this rocks like a mutherfucker! The finished version ended up on the band last album High times
  2. Baby Won't Ya demo guide vocals
    Classic Fred Smith composition this version contains his vocals as a guide for Rob who did them on the finished article which also appears on High times. This version was unheard before Purity Accuracy was issued.
  3. Sister Ann demo
    Check out the duelling harmonicas courtesy of Rob & Fred. Recorded in London A shorter version than the track the appears on High Times. Another Fred Smith tune which has been and still is a great live favourite.
  4. Over and Over
    This is work in progress just Fred on guitar working out the tune, I love this in its own right and when you hear the full blown track, again from High Times, it really blows you away!
  5. Train Music
    A weird one this, after hooking up with Ronan O’ Rahilly and Mike Davis had left the band they decided to record two tracks in London for a strange film called ‘Gold’. The other track being ’Inside out’. The bass on these tracks was played by Wayne. The soundtrack album that featured these two songs was not a roaring success and it disappeared from the shelves swiftly after being released.
  6. Pledge Song
    This is another Fred song, in fact it is a very early incarnation of Sister Anne only a lot faster. This is Fred with the boys working through a new tune. This is believed to have been recorded in Detroit.
  7. Tonight demo
    Whatever your view on the Jon Landau produced Back in the USA album with its Chuck Berry and Little Richard covers, this is a classic track from the ‘Rockin’ MC5’
  8. Human Being Lawnmower demo
    Another song from Back in the USA and a bit of a full on band collaboration. This is an epic of a song and something that the MC5 moved closer to in style after this was recorded, see Sister Ann, Skunk, Black to Comm.
  9. Looking at You original single 1968
    This starts the whole thing rolling and possibly one of the best MC5 tracks. This is the original ‘A square’ label version ( it was later re-recorded for the Back in the USA album) written by Rob, Mike & Fred
  10. Born Under a Bad Sign
    live at the first Unitarian church Detroit 7th sept ‘68
  11. I Want You Right Now
    live at the first Unitarian church Detroit 8th sept ‘68
  12. Motor City Is Burning
    live at the grande ballroom oct’68
  13. Black To Comm
    unknown live recording
  14. Revolutionary Blues live Michigan june ‘68
    Here are some very scarce live recordings made prior to the fantastic kick out the jams album from the bands stamping ground. It gives the listener an insight to some of the songs that were being performed live at that time.
  15. Skunk recorded live at 100 club London march 2003
    The first re-union gig proper performed in London with a host of guest musicians including Lemmy, Nicke Hellacopter, Dave Vanian, this show is now available on DVD called Sonic Revolution. Skunk another Fred smith song was performed by the band without any guest vocalists on this occasion.

Licensed exclusively from Michael Davis, Wayne Kramer & Dennis Thompson of the MC5.

Compiled by Yukiko Akagawa from the boxed set Purity ~ Accuracy

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