xSonic's Rendezvous Band: SRB - CD Boxset ** OUT OF STOCK **

xSonic's Rendezvous Band: SRB - CD Boxset ** OUT OF STOCK **

Label: Easy Action
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we are updating the box to feature correct information and newe audio element .. we hope to have a new improved box back spring 2017





* It has recently come to our notice that the disc titled 3 Masonic Hall Detroit is not in fact this show ( apart from City Slang which is ). We know this as the REAL Masonic Hall 14th January 1978 tape has been sent to us . SRB were uncredited, first on, to the Ramones supported by The Runaways . We have cleaned up this tape and will make it available with this Box set . It will also be made available to those already having bought this box set . We apologise for this error but we have corrected it


  • A lavish 6 Disc box set by one of the most legendary (almost) super groups of the seventies, featuring Scott Morgan (Rationals) Fred ‘ Sonic ‘ Smith (MC5) Scott ‘Rock Action’ Asheton (Stooges) Gary Rasmussen (The Up).
  • 40 page colour booklet containing un published photos 
  • The only product the band ever released was a 7” Single of “City Slang” ( which was on both sides mono & stereo). The original of which commands ridiculous prices in the collectors field.
  • The band themselves have all contributed as well as the estate of Fred Smith.
  • Contains interviews with existing band members, unseen photographs from Bob Matheu (Creem), Sue Rynski and various shots from the private collection of the band themselves.
  • Due to the lack of material available to date, demand for this box set on the Easy Action web site has been unprecedented.
  • Design of this set is being handled by ex Rhino art director and Grammy award winner Rachel Gutek

Chances Are 1976 (Ann Arbor)

  1. Promised land (C.Berry)
  2. Earthy (S.Morgan)
  3. Its alright (F.Smith)
  4. Mystically Yours (S.Morgan)
  5. Keep on hustlin’ (S.Morgan)
  6. Space Age Blues (W.R Cooke)
  7. Do it again (F.Smith)
  8. Hearts (F.Smith)
  9. I Believe to my soul (R.Charles / A.Learner)
  10. Let the kids dance (B.Diddley)
  11. Chungo of the asphalt jungle (W.R Cooke)
  12. Goin’ Bye (F.Smith)
  13. Roberta (A.Smith / J. Vincent)

Lamphere Highschool 1977 (Madison Heights)

  1. Dangerous (S.Morgan)
  2. Asteroid B612 (S.Morgan)
  3. Hard Stoppin’ (F.Smith)
  4. Irish girl (S.Morgan)
  5. Rolling stone (B.Dylan)
  6. Succeed (S.Morgan)
  7. Cool Breeze (S.Morgan)
  8. Song L (F.Smith)
  9. Slow Down (Take a look) (S.Morgan)

Masonic Auditorium 1978 (Detroit)

1. Introduction , Dangerous 

2. Song L

3. Sweet Nuthin'

4. Electrophonic Tonic

5. City Slang

Unknown bonus material 

  1. Electrophonic tonic (S.Morgan)
  2. Sweet Nothin’ (F.Smith)
  3. Asteroid B-612 (S.Morgan)
  4. Gone with the dogs (F.Smith)
  5. Love and Learn (S.Morgan)
  6. Song L (F.Smith)

Second Chance 1978 (Ann Arbor) Re mastered 

  1. Dangerous (S.Morgan)
  2. Getting there (S.Morgan)
  3. Do it again (F.Smith)
  4. Hearts (F.Smith)
  5. Love & learn (S.Morgan)
  6. Heart of stone (Jagger / Richards)
  7. Sweet nothin’ (F.Smith)
  8. Asteroid B-612 (S.Morgan)
  9. Song L (F.Smith)
  10. City slang (F.Smith)

The Melancholy

(Various live moments and studio experimentations)

  1. Succeed (S.Morgan) Morgan's Basement '76
  2. Highjackin' Love (T.Hester / R. ‘popcorn’ Wylie) Morgan's Basement '76
  3. Mystically Yours (S.Morgan) Morgan's Basement '76
  4. Take A Look (S.Morgan) Morgan's Basement '76
  5. Electrophonic Tonic (S.Morgan) Morgan's Basement '76
  6. So Sincerely Yours (F.Smith)
  7. Dangerous (S.Morgan)
  8. Earthy (S.Morgan)
  9. Hearts (aka Detroit Tango) (F.Smith)
  10. Step By Step (w/Lenny Kaye) (F.Smith)
  11. Party Lights (C.Clark)
  12. Flight 505 (Jagger / Richards)
  13. Thrill (S.Morgan)
  14. Goin Bye (F.Smith)
  15. Gone With The Dogs (F.Smith)

Too Much Crank

(Various live moments and studio experimentations)

  1. Sweet Little Sixteen (C.Berry)
  2. Clock With No Hands (F.’Leadbelly’Smith)
  3. You're So Great (F.Smith)
  4. Sweet Nothin’ (F.Smith) Executive Ballroom, Sterling Heights 1978 Jan
  5. Song L (F.Smith) Executive Ballroom, Sterling Heights 1978 Jan
  6. Love & Learn (S.Morgan) Executive Ballroom, Sterling Heights 1978 Jan
  7. It's Alright (F.Smith)
  8. Empty Heart (Nanker /Phelge) Live at the second chance in 1977
  9. American Boy (F.Smith)
  10. Sweet Nothin’ (Instrumental) (F.Smith) Rehearsal
  11. Electrophonic Tonic (S.Morgan) Studio
  12. City Slang (F.Smith) Studio

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