Dave Kusworth Group: The Brink - Double CD

Dave Kusworth Group: The Brink - Double CD

Dave Kusworth Group: The Brink - Double CD

Label: Easy Action
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The first new album from Dave Kusworth since 1999

Initial copies will receive a bonus disc of outtakes and alternative versions

The Dave Kusworth Group will be touring Europe to promote the brink album

Disc One:

  1. For all the perfect people
  2. Chainsmoking
  3. Silver Blades
  4. Sherry High
  5. The Brink
  6. Running after you
  7. Into my eyes
  8. Someone else’s shoes
  9. Still waiting for you
  10. Hollywood
  11. Not sent to hurt you

Ltd Edt Disc Two: Bonus material

  1. G.I on Blues
  2. Here’s looking at you
  3. Sherry High alt mix
  4. Someone else’s shoes alt mix
  5. Running after you alt mix
  6. Silver blades alt mix
  7. The brink alt mix
  8. Still waiting for you alt mix
  9. Citizen
  10. Sugar Blues
  11. Where do you go to (my Lovely )
  12. Sherry High acoustic

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