Jacobites: Howling Good Times - Double CD, & DVD Nikki Sudden Dave Kusworth

Jacobites: Howling Good Times - Double CD, & DVD Nikki Sudden Dave Kusworth

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The 1994 'Come back' album has been out of print since 1998. Over ten years on ( and sadly one performer less ) Howling Good Times is made available with bonus tracks and a full extra CD of the Trident sessions.

Also included is a Film of the making of the album with some candid and often quite funny film of the late Nikki Sudden and the band at work and play. This film has been completely undiscovered until now.

The International critical acclaim received on Nikki Sudden’s last two albums and currently with Dave Kusworth’s career firmly back in the saddle will certainly help provide new fans for this great long lost album.

Disc One: Howling Good Times Remastered

Recorded Summer 1993

1.    Don't you ever leave me (Sudden, Kusworth , Picot) 5:05
2.    Can't you see (Sudden, Kusworth ) 3:55
3.    100 miles from here ( Kusworth) 4:19
4.    Howling good times (Duffy, Kusworth) 3:47
5.    Some people ( Kusworth) 5:30
6.    Ambulance (Sudden / Edie)1:15
7.    Chelsea Springtime (Sudden, Kusworth) 7:01
8.    Older Women (Sudden) 5:53
9.    Margaritta (Sudden, Kusworth) 4:11
10.     Flying Part A (Sudden) Part B ( Sudden, Kusworth, Tranter, Picot, Williams, Miles)10:01
11.    Never more than blind 3:24 (Sudden, Kusworth) bonus track
12.    Travelling European Blues (Sudden, Kusworth) (single B side) 5.30 bonus track
13.    Cant you see (single mix) (Sudden, Kusworth ) 3.57 bonus track
14.    Don't you ever leave me (reprise) (Sudden, Kusworth , Picot) 4:31
15.    All my Life ( Flying ) Part A (Sudden) Part B ( Sudden, Kusworth, Tranter, Picot, Williams, Miles) Rough guide vocal 11:40 bonus track

Disc Two: The Trident Sessions

The Trident Recordings Remastered

New Versions recorded 21st October 1994

1.    Too many girls (Sudden, Kusworth ) 5.12 Remastered
2.    She belongs to you ( Sudden, Kusworth, Tranter, Picot, Williams, Miles) 5:05 Remastered
3.    Heart of Hearts (Sudden, Kusworth ) 5.09 Remastered
4.    Tell Me (Sudden/Carmody) 4.02 Remastered
5.    Silver coin (Sudden) 7:03 Remastered
New Session Recorded 15th May 1995
6.    Liquor, guns & ammo (Sudden) 8.26 Remastered
7.    The Rolling of the hearse (Sudden) 2.44 Remastered
8.    That girl ( Kusworth) 5.06 Remastered
9.    Puppeteers son ( Kusworth) 5.59 Remastered
10.     Penicillin (Sudden) 3.11 Remastered
11.     Loves cascade ( Kusworth/ Cartwright) 5.49 Remastered
Woodbine Street Sessions June 1993
12.    100 miles from here (guide vocals early mix ) ( Kusworth) 4:26 bonus track
13.     Older women (guide vocals fast version ) (Sudden) 5:51 bonus track
14.     Some People (guide vocals early mix) ( Kusworth) 5:34 bonus track

DVD: The making of Howling Good Times

A film by Stephen Griddley

Film shot during the recording of the album “Howling Good Times” at Woodbine St studios. Shows the band hard at work, at play and enjoying the summer of 1993 in middle England during downtime. It’s funny and sad at the same time as Nikki Sudden is no longer with us and there is so little footage of him.

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