xPenetration: 1978-9 Live - Double CD ** Sold Out**

xPenetration: 1978-9 Live - Double CD ** Sold Out**

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30 years on from the release of Firing Squad single and the classic Moving Targets album and we present two classic live shows recorded on the manor mobile in 1978 & 1979. The latter being the show in which singer Pauline Murray announces the band was breaking up , which then turned into a frantic nine song encore .

  • Penetration played a sold out show at London’s famous 100 Club in November 2007 to prove the fan base still exists for this one of the more able bands from the punk era.
  • Lenny Kaye said upon hearing Penetration’s version of his (co written with Patti Smith) song Free Money..”its better than ours !”
  • Marketing throughout the punk websites will alert fans to this eagerly awaited album
  • Advertising in Record Collector and Rock n Reel
  • Album Cover designed by Graham Humphries

Two complete live shows recorded on a mobile studio, re mastered from a band on fire

Record Collector says: 5 stars
Record Collector says: "..gift from the heavens"
Record Collector says: "..truly magnificent"
Easy Action says: "...they're probably right"
Pauline Murray says: "...yeah i know i was there!"

Thames Poly 16/12/1978

  1. Future Daze
  2. Life’s a gamble
  3. Lovers of Outrage
  4. VIP
  5. Vision
  6. Too many friends
  7. Nostalgia
  8. Movement
  9. NEVERr
  10. Stone Heroes
  11. Free money
  12. Silent Community
  13. Don’t dictate
  14. Duty Free Technology (encore)
  15. Firing Squad
  16. Money Talks

Newcastle 14/10/1979

  1. Shout above the noise
  2. Life’s a gamble
  3. She is the slave
  4. Lifeline
  5. What’s going on?
  6. Movement
  7. You’re alone now
  8. Lovers of Outrage
  9. Too many friends
  10. Killed in the rush
  11. New Recruit
  12. On Reflection
  13. Nostalgia
  14. Come in to the open
  15. Danger Signs
  16. Free Money (Encore)
  17. Stone Heroes (split announcement)
  18. Future Daze
  19. Vip
  20. Money talks
  21. Neverr
  22.  Duty free technology
  23. Don’t Dictate
  24. Firing Squad
  25. Don’t dictate
  26. Danger signs

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