Iggy Pop: Speed Kills: Adelaide '89 - CD

Iggy Pop: Speed Kills: Adelaide '89 - CD

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This Live album comes free with all easyaction.co.uk orders of either of the 'Where the Faces Shine' box sets! Or you can order it by itself here for a bargain!

"Not the best quality live recording but this show HAS to be heard to be believed! It is absolutely ‘Mental’…. nothing like any of the other Instinct shows at all. Iggy and the band kick the doors down from the get go and grab the audience around the throat. Iggy doesn’t let go and the band don’t let up for one minute until the end of nearly 80 minutes. I don’t know the venue and we would love to hear from any of you guys out there that actually went to this show!!

How anyone made it through this show to the end, audience or band, is beyond belief, High Octane just doesn’t cut it baby!

One of the most amazing Iggy Pop shows I’ve ever heard so we are making it available to you!"

Carlton EA MD

The Bridgeway Hotel Adelaide Australia 7/2/1989

  1. Instinct
  2. Kill City
  3. 1969
  4. Penetration
  5. Power & Freedom
  6. Beyond the Law
  7. High on You
  8. The Passenger
  9. Sixteen
  10. Five Foot One
  11. Johanna
  12. Shake Appeal
  13. Tuff Baby
  14. Real wild child
  15. Winners and Losers
  16. Scene of the Crime
  17. TV Eye
  18. Search and Destroy
  19. Cold Metal
  20. Squarehead
  21. No Fun
  22. I Wanna Be Your Dog
  23. I Feel Alright (1970)
  24. I got a right

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