Marc Bolan Electronic Musik LP

Marc Bolan Electronic Musik LP

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Coming this winter   one of two lps collecting Marcs pre Tyrannosaurus Rex recordings 


coming this winter 

EARS165LP                   5060446072561                           29th November 2019

Marc Bolan Electric Solo Album 1965/1967


SIDE 1 (22 Mins)

  1. The Wizard (Unused stereo mix)  (1.52)
  2. Beyond the Rising Sun (Unused stereo mix)  (1.48)
  3. The Third Degree (2.35)
  4. Hippy Gumbo (2.05)
  5. Misfit (1.52)
  6. Jasper C. Debussy (2.09)
  7. The Lilac Hand Of Menthol Dan (aka Dan The Sniff) (1.52)
  8. Misfit #2 (Different Drum Mix) (1.56)
  9. Jasper C. Debussy #2  (Echo On Voice) (2.05)
  10. Hippy Gumbo #3 (Different Vocals /Mix)  (1.57)


SIDE 2 (19 mins)

  1. Desdemona (2.27)
  2. Midsummer Night's Scene (2.35)
  3. Sarah Crazy Child (2.29)
  4. Hippy Gumbo (Bolan Vocal) (2.38)
  5. Sally Was An Angel (Instrumental) (3.11)
  6. Perfumed Garden Of Gulliver Smith (Instrumental) (2.43)
  7. Desdemona #2 (Alt Lyrics) (2.27)


  • Second Volume in this revisited look at Marc Bolan’s incredible early 1960s years. This Lp deal with studio recordings with and without a band. Compiled from tapes original stolen from Marc & Gloria’s home and recently repatriated
  • Limited pressing of 700 copies in retro flip back sleeve with printed inner bag
  • Liner notes by Andrew J Gardner (The Bolan Society / Warrior Music) and brand new unique Lp design by Les Clark and re mastered by Anders Peterson at ghost sound Sweden
  • Features some tracks with legendary John’s Children (the band Marc joined for about 3 months) plus solo outtakes of material used for singles in 1965.
  • Jasper C Debussy features top session musicians of the time Nicky Hopkins & John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin). This was due to be the follow up to the 1965 single Hippy Gumbo but failed to get a release at the time.


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