Buddy Holly Buddy Holly LP + free cd

Buddy Holly Buddy Holly LP + free cd

Label: Vip Vop
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Buddy Holly

“Buddy Holly”

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Side One

  1. "I'm Gonna Love You Too"  
  2. "Peggy Sue"  
  3. "Look at Me"  
  4. "Listen to Me"  
  5. "Valley of Tears"  
  6. "Ready Teddy"  

Side Two

  1. "Everyday"  
  2. "Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues"  
  3. "Words of Love"  
  4. "(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care"  
  5. "Rave On!"  
  6. "Little Baby"  



The Crickets

Buddy Holly – guitar, vocals

Joe B. Mauldin – bass

Jerry Allison – drums

Additional personnel: Norman Petty – organ on 3, piano on 11.Vi Petty – piano on 3 5 6 8, celeste on 7.C. W. Kendall Jr. – piano on 3 10 12.Niki Sullivan – rhythm guitar on 6.Al Caiola – guitar on 11.Donald Arnone – guitar on 11.William Marihe – backing vocals on 11.Robert Bollinger – backing vocals on 11.Robert Harter – backing vocals on 11.Merrill Ostrus – backing vocals on 11. Abby Hoffer – backing vocals on 11

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