L7 DETROIT Green vinyl Limited run LP

L7 DETROIT Green vinyl Limited run LP

Label: Easy Action
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L7 –Detroit

5060446070949   EARS113        


1.            Fast and Frightening                                        

2.            (Right On) Thru

3.            Scrap

4.            Broomstick

5.            Packin’ A Rod

6.            Cat-O- Nine Tails

7.            Deathwish

8.            Till the Wheels Fall Off

9.            Shove

10.         Bloodstains

11.         Shitlist

Live Clutch Cargo Detroit 1st September 1990


Project Co-ordinated by Carlton P Sandercock with thanks to Donita Sparks & Robert Fagan

Manufacture Steve Pittis:   www.enconahead.com

Audio restoration & Mastering Patrick Bird at PSB Music Ltd

Special thanks to L7

Artwork simon carpenter sc design

Dedicated to Sophie Lo



P 2018   Easy Action    C 2018 Easy Action

Capturing the group at a pivotal point in their development – in this case, the gig coinciding with the initial release of Smell the Magic as a six-track EP by Sub Pop – their performance at Clutch Cargo’s in Detroit preserves the raw, kinetic energy of the era. Named after a late-1950s animated TV series, Clutch Cargo’s had become established as a key local punk venue during the 1980s with the likes of the Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Fear and X appearing at the converted church.

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