Robert Perhssons HUMBUCKER - Driving Rain Split Limited Edition 7" single IMPORT

Robert Perhssons HUMBUCKER - Driving Rain Split Limited Edition 7" single IMPORT

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We finally recorded the song ”I Need To Know” for a split 7″ with our friends The Driving Rain. We have been playing this song, originally written by Tom Petty, on almost every live show so far. I’m a bit proud because this is the first time I engineered and mixed the final result. The drums are however recorded at Bomber & Granat and engineered by Olle Granat.


Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker’s self-titled debut album was met with rave reviews. Now the Swede is back with the follow up “Long Way to the Light”. Expectations are sky high.
– I think the new album is stronger, he says.

Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker was released in 2013. It was a perfect example for a contemporary classic rock album, landing the Swedish guitarist an “album of the month” award in Germany’s leading independent metal magazine Rock Hard. No wonder that expectations for the follow-up album “Long Way to the Light” are high.

The record contains eight brand new compositions (plus a re-worked version of the single “The Hollow in a Rising Tone”). With songs such as “Send Her My Love” and “Traveling Through the Dark” Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker is back with an even slicker guitar playing and sharper song arrangements. And maybe even poppier?
– It might be. But it’s not really intentional. I like the songs short and to the point with a strong hook. I think people sometimes put me in the same category as more hard rocking bands, and we’re not really that type of band in the end. I want the freedom to do other styles as well. If I look at the old bands, I like that they were all very diverse, not playing on max all the time, he says.

Robert Pehrsson says the biggest difference between the first album and “Long Way to the Light” is that this time around the band has played live.
– This time I knew I wanted to be able to perform the songs live in their true form. I also co-worked with Joseph ThollNicke Andersson and Andreas Axelsson on some tracks. So I think there is more of a band feeling to this one. And that was something I wanted from the beginning when I started working on this album.

“Long Way to the Light” was recorded mostly by Robert Pehrsson and Nicke Andersson (drums and bass), with help from Joseph Tholl,
– But several of the musicians from the previous album also appear on “Long Way to the Light”. So does members of the live line-up, Jakob Ljungberg and Jens Lagergren. It’s a mixture of really talented friends from other bands: EnforcerImperial State Electric, The HellacoptersTribulation, for example. Me and my friends tend to do a lot of stuff together Here are some other names: Robert ErikssonJonas WikstrandJohan BäckmanJohannes Borgström. The list goes on!

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