Locks Rattle Them Bones Limited edition 10" Vinyl E.P

Locks Rattle Them Bones Limited edition 10" Vinyl E.P

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5060446071434      Limited Edition 10”  Vinyl Record       24th February 2017


Side One

1.            Wishbone 4.17    -Video-   https://youtu.be/fq7L0gaD37w

2.            The Family 5.31

Side Two

1.            Teeth   3.02

2.            The Gin Song   2.37



·        Lock’s vocal has a unique tone, which has been championed by BBC 6 music’s Steve Lamacq and previously featured on his credible Round Table show. After playing with a variety of different bands including rockabilly, traditional Irish, indie and nu-folk, the three misfits found themselves in a rehearsal room together writing parts for murder ballads involving burying bodies, mythological creatures and dark family secrets. Slowly tracking the footsteps of whatever creature has wandered before them, whilst singing songs about whatever's hiding just under the surface or lingering from the corner of their eye, they are together creeping through London's weird and wonderful musical underbelly. Music Muso

·        Lead track 'Wishbone' is about “something” that should never have been let loose and the simplicity of the video shot entirely on a iPhone lets you conjure up your own macabre images from the words alone.

·        ‘Wishbone’ video featured on Beat Surrender / HIAPOP / EARJELLY / Aimless Skylarking/ With Guitars / Beehive Candy / The Revue /

·        ''Wishbone' is a strikingly good song. The trio mix natural heartfelt vocals with a distinct and catchy guitar lead soundtrack.

The blues feel at the core of the song, again comes across as instinctive to the band, and it's rolling out a cliche time, so, I really am left wanting to hear more (actually a lot more).' Beehive Candy



·        'another complete banger'  BBC6 Music INTRODUCING Mixtape - Tom Robinson


·        'mesmerising quality' - Steve Lamaqc, BBC 6 Music


·        'Akin to the cinematic ghostliness of Nick Cave and Kate Bush,

the trio masterfully weave eerie alt-folk with suspenseful blues rock,

which they call skeletal blues.'       Ben Yung, The Revue


·        'Fables and tales that could be placed on library shelves alongside Edgar Allan Poe,

Arthur Conan Doyle, and Kurt Vonnegut. Pretty soon, the same could be said for new Irish-English band LOCKS.'

- Ben Yung, The Revue


·        'Murder, mythical creatures, dark family secrets, the arrival of the full blood moon.

You name it, they love to write about it.'

- Ben Yung, The Revue


·        '“Wishbone” is the perfect introduction to the band’s self-described skeletal blues rock,

which combines traditional Irish folk with dramatic blues rock (think PJ Harvey).

The gripping song writing and the dark instrumentation are enthralling, making you feel like you’re being watched

as you walk through your undisturbed home, down an abandoned street, or the silence of the woods.'

-Ben Yung, The Revue


·        The songs coming forth from new UK band Locks could all be considered for the soundtrack to every Tim Burton Movie made thus far!   They ARE that good!      Carlton P. Sandercock   Knowitall dot Com


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