Amebix - Sonic Mass - CD

Amebix - Sonic Mass - CD

Label: Amebix Records
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this is the regular Jewel case edition  NOT the deluxe card gatefold sleeve  version !



First material from this seminal British Punk band in over 20 years

Amebix reformed in 2009 to do a world wide tour which sold out in the U.S prompting the idea to record new material.

The old albums still sell in good quantities every month

Amebix have now added top drummer Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour) to the band to enhance their sound and limits

Includes the single “Knights of the Black Sun” which saw the Amebix using the medium of animated film to promote the song to huge effect!

Public Relations company No Quarter are lining up features Features, interviews and reviews are expected in all major Rock magazines with METAL HAMMER < TERRORIZER < ZERO TOLERANCE confirmed already


01 Days

02 Shield Wall

03 The Messenger

04 God of the Grain

05 Visitation

06 Sonic Mass Pt 1

07 Sonic Mass Pt 2

08 Here Come The Wolf

09 The One

10 Knights of the Black Sun

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