Nikki Sudden The New York Affair & The New Jersey Affair

Nikki Sudden The New York Affair & The New Jersey Affair

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2 shows from  the U.S   bundled together at a special price  hybrid Cd  mastered and cleaned 


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Nikki Sudden    “The New Jersey Affair”



  1. Big Store                       
  2. Midget Submarines
  3. Back To The Coast
  4. Burgundy
  5. Happiness Lies Behind Your Closed Door
  6. Always Waiting There For You
  7. Stay Bruised
  8. Aeroplane Blues
  9. Zip Gun Boogie (Bolan)
  10. Down The River

WFMU   20.3.2006 (Mike’s Show). Band:  Nikki Sudden: Gtr.  Danny Hole Drums


Nikki Sudden

The New York Affair

The Sidewalk Café


1.  Big Store

2.  All My Sinking Ships > Where the River Ends

3.  When I Crossed the Line

4.  One More String of Pearls

5.  Stay Bruised

6.  Kissed You Twice

7.  Pin Your Heart to Me

8.  All the Dark Rags > Elizabethan Balladeer

9.  Liquor, Guns and Ammo

10. Silver Street

11. Pirate Girls

12. Back to the Coast

13. Fortune of Fame

14. Green Shield Stamps


This was the opening night of Nikki's final tour.  He played the Sidewalk Cafe on Avenue A in New York.

They typically rotate a number of mostly unknown acts through each night.  Each artist brings their friends and they get paid by passing a tip bucket around the audience. The audience was relatively small, mostly good friends and the hardcore fans.

Nikki played solo with an acoustic guitar.

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