X Alice Cooper Group - Nobody Likes Us CD sold out

X Alice Cooper Group - Nobody Likes Us CD sold out

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Limited Edition One off Pressing of two live radio broadcast shows from 1969 


1. intro…. No Longer Umpire  

2. Lay down & die. Goodbye

3.Fields of Regret   

4.4. Nobody likes me

5. Don’t blow your mind (alt.lyrics)

 Neale Smith solo.  Prisoner   Animal Pyjamas-  Don’t blow your mind reprise

San Francisco

6. No Longer Umpire   

7. Reflected

8. Ten Minutes before the worm   

9. Swing Low Sweet Cheerio

10. B.B on Mars  

11. Fields of Regret

12. Nobody Likes Me 

13. Don’t Blow your mind ….

Although both have been taken from original 1" tapes the San Francisco show was recorded in an odd manner and is prone to a little audio deviation 

The Toronto show is presented for the very first time at the correct speed, with the correct song titles as advised by Michael Bruce, and without material by artist Doug Kershaw being thrown into the mix. Design Les ( the muscle of love ) Clark ** Although none of the Alice Cooper Group have been in anyway involved in this release it is NOT a bootleg

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