Fuzztones Braindrops CD Bonus Tracks re mastered

Fuzztones Braindrops CD Bonus Tracks re mastered

Label: Easy Action
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Ears091   Barcode: 5060174958076                       release 25th May 2018

1.            Third Time's the Charm  3:30      

2.            Skeleton Farm    3:10      

3.            Romilar D            3:58      

4.            Fear       3:43      

5.            Rise        3:49      

6.            Ghost Clinic        4:17      

7.            7 And 7 Is                    2:49             

8.            Look for The Question Mark        3:27      

9.            I Looked At You 2:17      

10.         The People In Me             3:19      

11.         All the Kings Horses         3:18      

12.         Blackout 2.09

13.         Try It        2.40    Bonus   Live track

14.         My Little Red Book   2.43

15.         Be A Caveman    2.22

16.         Rari 2.34

17.         Shape of Things To Come 2.28

Hear the album here:    https://soundcloud.com/easyactionrecordco/sets/fuzztones-braindrops


•             Originally issued in 1991 this was the bands 3rd album and has been out of print for over 20 years. It features covers of some of the most influential rare & psych tracks from the 60’s including tracks from LOVE and THE DOORS alongside self-penned tracks such as the live favourites ‘Romilar D’ , ‘Rise’ and ‘Skeleton Farm’

  • Includes 5 bonus tracks

The Fuzztones are an American garage rock revival band formed in 1980. Founded by singer-guitarist Rudi Protrudi in New York City, the band has gone through several member changes but is currently active in Europe. Dismissed by some critics and listeners as a "bar band" or unoriginal, they maintained a strong fan base in New York, in Europe (with their music being played on Hungarian State Radio), and in Los Angeles. Rudi Protrudi moved to Los Angeles in 1987, after the breakup of the original band, to organize a new Fuzztones, consisting of Jordan Tarlow, (Lead Guitar) John "Speediejohn" Carlucci, (Bass) Jason Savall, (Vox Organ) & "Mad" Mike Czekaj on drums. This line-up bears the distinction of being the only 1980's garage rock revival band to secure a major label record deal, when they signed to RCA.

The group's name is derived from Fuzz Tone, the commercial name of a guitar effect pedal invented in 1962 and whose distinctive sound was popularized in the 1965 hit song "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones.



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