L7 Fast AND Frightening 2xCD set

L7 Fast AND Frightening 2xCD set

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Disc One

  1. Gas Chamber (aka Camel Lips) (From film Serial Mom)
  2. This Aint the Summer of Love (Blue Oyster Cult Cover I Know what you did last summer film)
  3. Hanging On the Telephone (Blondie Cover, The Jerky Boys Film)
  4. Bloodstains (Agent Orange Cover for Teriyaki Asthma album)
  5. Lion’s Share (The Germs Cover)
  6. Cherry Bomb (Live   Runaways Cover W/ Joan Jett ‘Spirit of ’73: Rock for Choice’)
  7. Questioning My Sanity (U.S Broadcast)
  8. Stuck here again (U.S TV broadcast)
  9. Baggs (Shonen Knife Cover for ‘Every Band has A Shonen Knife Who Loves Them’)
  10. Boys in Black (Free the West Memphis 3)
  11. Three Days (with Waylon Jennings cover Twisted Willie album)
  12. Used to Love Him (Guns n Roses Cover)
  13. Sweet Sex (Radio Tokyo Tapes)
  14. Suzy is a Headbanger (Ramones Cover)
  15. Livin’ Large (U.S Tv Broadcast)
  16. Pretend We’re Dead (Broadcast UK)
  17. Yummy Yummy (Melting Pot Comp)
  18. Lost Cause (Cosmic Psychos Cover live UK)
  19. The Witch (Live at The Factory Milan Sonics cover w/ opening band Wool)
  20. Let’s Lynch the Landlord (Dead Kennedy’s cover)
  21. El Wahtusi  ( live )



Radio Brisbane 1992    32 mins

01.         Deathwish [4:12]

02.         Diet Pill [3:55]

03.         Everglade [2:59]

04.         (Right On) Thru [3:09]

05.         Wargasm [3:07]

06.         Pretend We're Dead [3:28]

07.         Shove [3:21]

08.         Fast and Frightening [3:08]

09.         Shitlist [4:12]

Live Clutch Cargo   Detroit 1st September  1990

1.            Fast and Frightening

2.            (Right On) Thru

3.            Scrap

4.            Broomstick

5.            Packin’ A Rod

6.            Cat-O- Nine Tails

7.            Deathwish

8.            Till the Wheels Fall Off

9.            Shove

10.         Bloodstains

11.         Shitlist


·        2 cd set bursting with rarities,  cover versions tracks only found on compilations or one -off split 7” singles  PLUS  a rare radio session  PLUS a live gig in Detroit  all of which shows the band at the top of their game ..fast and frightening !

·        Deluxe card sleeve with 12-page booklet with unseen photos and liner notes by author Dick Porter

·        Released in association with the band & management

·        L7 reformed last year after more than 20 years and took the world by storm yet again .. they are planning their second world tout this summer and hit the UK in September

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