Patti Smith: Depravity ...NYC 1975

Patti Smith: Depravity ...NYC 1975

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New York May 28th 1975

Restored & Remastered U.s Radio Broadcast 

1.            We’re gonna have a real good time together

2.            Hunter captured by the game

3.            Birdland

4.            Redondo Beach

5.            Space Monkey

6.            Snowball

7.            Distant Fingers

8.            Break it up

9.            Gloria

10.          Scheherazade

11.          Down the aisle of love

12.          Piss Factory   Bonus from Central Park 1975

13.          Horses            Bonus from Central Park 1975

Patti Smith: Lenny Kaye: Ivan Kral: Richard Sohl

 "Live at WBAI studio, New York May 28th, 1975. With Ivan Kral, Lenny Kaye and Richard Sohl, they helped make this a truly historic night. What can you say about Patti Smith that hasn't been said a million times before? I saw Patti Smith on New year's eve a few years ago and she's still delivering the goods. For many who would do this sort of thing, they can come off as pompous or artsy-fartsy, but there is only Patti Smith and i don'th ink anyone, male or female, can touch her. If Iggy would be King, Patti would be Queen. A truly talented beyond belief artist that is all things Jim Morrison wanted to be. That hippy had to go!

 "This recording is perfect! Everything you wanna hear and everything that's missing in music today, is captured on this disc. The spontaneity, improv and language packaged all together with the is utter perfection! This may not be hardcore, metal, or punk by the masses definition, but for me it doesn't get any more honest than Patti Smith. A true revolutionary."


Design Les ' depraved ' clark 

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