Lisa Knapp: Hunt The Hare

Lisa Knapp: Hunt The Hare

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This E.P shows Lisa Knapps extraordinary quality in mixing traditional Folk ethics with something cool dark and not a little unsettling ...this is brilliant 

A collection of songs inspired by the month of May, including both traditional and original material. 

The title track Hunt The Hare, a 2-part piece produced by Gerry Diver, features fine singer and songwriter Alasdair Roberts on vocal and guitar duties with Bellowhead's Pete Flood adding percussion.

The opening track A May Garland a traditional May song from Northampton, conjures the atmosphere of an English summer with compelling subtlety whilst magically retaining an air of menace. 

Track 4 The Pleasant Month of May, again a traditional song most notably from the Copper family repertoire is here set in driving, contemporary style yet remains true to the original

Track 5 Jack in the Green is an exploration into a locally revived tradition, that of the Deptford Jack In The Green, where Lisa has explored excerpts of interviews from print to make a song describing a Jack In The Green from a bygone era, an evocative piece set to shruti drone and hammered dulcimer.

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