Ava Cherry & David Bowie The Astronettes Sessions: 1973 Re Mastered

Ava Cherry & David Bowie The Astronettes Sessions: 1973 Re Mastered

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1.     I am a laser     (David Bowie)                                    AC

2.     Seven Days    (Annette Peacock)                               AC

3.     God only knows  *  (Brian Wilson & Tony Asher)   AC

4.     Having a good time  (David Bowie )                        GM & JG

5.     People from bad homes  (David Bowie)                   AC lead

6.     Highway Blues  ( Roy Harper)                                  AC GM

7.     Only Me     (David Bowie )                                       GM or  JG

8.     Things to do  (David Bowie)                                     AC GM & JG

9.     How could I have been such a fool  ( Frank Zappa)  JG

10.   I’m in the mood for love  ( Macintosh / Fields)         AC GM & JG

11.   Spirits in the night  ( Bruce Springsteen)                   AC GM & JG

12.   I am Devine   (David Bowie)                                      GM or  JG              


 Produced By David Bowie

Les Clark - Artwork

 * Arranged by Tony Visconti

Mixed by Keith Harwood

Astronettes : Ava Cherry, Geoff MacCormack, Jason Guess

Musicians: David Bowie, Mike Garson, Aynsley Dunbar, Herbie Flowers, Mark Prichard, Luis Ramirez

Recorded & Mixed November 1973 at Olympic Studios Barnes >Londonexcept * recorded Electric Ladyland Studios New York 1974

Re mastered London 2008

Ava Cherry was a young cat walk model working theparisfashion shows when she bumped into David Bowie in 1973 at the tail end of his Ziggy Stardust period. Ava sang backing vocals atBowie’s 1980 Floor Show TV broadcast and was the inspiration behind the song Rebel Rebel. Ava continued to sing withBowieas she appeared on the Young Americans album before joining fellow backing singer Luther Vandross to tour the world for ten very successful years.

Initially these recordings were never finished off due to David Bowie’s commitment to his Diamond Dogs album and his later legal battle with his ex manager Tony Defries.

These are the recordings which include 4  Bowiecompositions (I am a Laser would eventually re surface in 1980 on the Scary Monsters album as ‘Scream like a Baby’) alongside songs by Frank Zappa, Beach Boys, Roy Harper, Annette Peacock  andBowie’s, then current fixation, Bruce Springsteen.

Released in 1995 on CD as an extremely limited edition on the Golden Years label this re mastered version also includes an in depth interview with Ava herself by ex Mojo editor and renowned author Paul Trynka.

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