Husker Du Do You Remember Radio ? 2 x cd set

Husker Du Do You Remember Radio ? 2 x cd set

Label: FMIC
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Disc 1

1. Introduction

2. Flip Your Wig

3. Every Everything

4. Makes No Sense At All

5. The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill

6. I Apologize

7. If I Told You

8. Folklore

9. Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely

10. I Don't Know For Sure

11. Terms Of Psychic Warfare

12. Powerline

13. Books About UFO's

14. Hardly Getting Over It

15. Sorry Somehow

16. You're So Square/The Wit & Wisdom

17. Green Eyes

18. Divide & Conquer

19. Celebrated Summer

20. All Work, No Play

21. Interviews


28th August 1985 1st Avenue Minneapolis Spin Radio


Disc 2


  1. Introduction
  2. All Tensed Up
  3. Don’t Try to Call
  4. I’m Not Interested
  5. Sore Eyes
  6. Wheels
  7. Private Hell
  8. Travel I The Opposite Car
  9. Don’t Have A Life
  10. Bricklayer
  11. Tired of Doing Things Your Way
  12. Sexual Economics
  13. Do You Remember?
  14. Ultracore
  15. Lets Go Die
  16. Data Control

FM Broadcast   from Mabuhay Gardens San Francisco 25th July 1981

FMIC   label 


·   Two ‘high octane radio concerts from Husker Du one from 1985 when the band were enjoying an upsurge of interest globally not just locally due to the success of the byrds cover single 8 Miles High and the albums New Day Rising & Flip Your Wig . The other concert is a rare glimpse into an early performance from 1981 when the band had only one single out on a local indie label  

·   Features 4 singles “Makes No Sense At All”, “Celebrated Summer”, “Don’t want to know if you are lonely” & “Sorry Somehow”

·       Extensive liner notes by author Dick Porter

·       Presented in gatefold card sleeve with art by Sophie Lo


Two-thirds of the way into their nine year existence, Hüsker Dü had hit the first phase of their popular and creative peak. The January 1985 release of the band’s third studio album, New Day Rising, saw the trio transcend their hardcore origins with a set of material that simultaneously referenced rock’s pasts and futures. By moving away from the American hardcore scene that was increasingly withering between its rigid, conformist straight edges, the trio drew predictable criticism from those who remained unwilling to progress with them.

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