Huski (Feat. Maple Bee): Love Peace Pain - CD

Huski (Feat. Maple Bee): Love Peace Pain - CD

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New project from Maple Bee who's successful ‘Chasing Eva' won high acclaim from all press quarters including a glowing review in Q magazine to online music site Morpheus where Chasing Eva won best album and best album design of the year

Maple Bee has built up a huge fan base through her solo work and also with her work with Queen Adreena ( as bassist and co writer of the last single ‘Medicine Jar' ) and currently with the Medeival Beabes whose brand new single was penned by Maple Bee

Huski sees Maple fuse her numerous talents as a musician and singer-songwriter with electronica whiz kid Pyke Galloway to produce a dark electro pop album.

Simon Gogerley has mixed some of the tracks on the album. ( Simon is known for his work on the last U2 album and more importantly on the single..... )

Huski will be playing live with the Love Peace Pain show in clubs through the summer and have recently enjoyed a uk tour with Robots in Disguise

Track Details:

  1. Undatow
  2. Make me your picture
  3. You will be adored
  4. Finally Free
  5. Easy life
  6. There she goes
  7. When will the waiting end ?
  8. Planet Urtica
  9. Everything changes
  10. Precious

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