Maple Bee: Chasing Eva - Double CD

Maple Bee: Chasing Eva - Double CD

Maple Bee: Chasing Eva - Double CD

Label: XIE Recordings
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2 x CD set by the multi talented Maple Bee ( aka Mel Garside) achieved the following accolades : won ‘Album of the Year’ on the popular ‘Morpheus’ web site as well as picking up ‘Best Album Cover’ design. 3 stars in Q magazine , 4 stars in the Independent on Sunday,

  • Maple also recorded and toured, as bassist, with her sister‘s notorious band Queen Adreena and co wrote the indie hit single “Medicine Jar” ,”The Butcher & the Butterfly” taken from the album and has passionate support from the Queen Adreena fan base .
  • Under her real name of Melanie Garside, Mel recorded a solo album with Echo Records and toured Europe and the Far East where the album was very successful and charted domestically. Prior to that Mel had a band Tabatha Zu who were a favourite on the London club scene in the mid 90’s.
  • Maple is a current member of the internationally successful Mediaeval Baebes and again has written the latest single and has the Baebes fan base among her supporters
  • Xie Recordings have secured the rights to Maple Bee’ s back catalogue which will be re issuing during the year

Disc One

  1. Bell Song
  2. Moth Touch
  3. Turn in
  4. Hello Eve
  5. Around for eva
  6. Sun on Snow
  7. The Messenger
  8. Perhaps Perhaps
  9. Sadness Landed
  10. City in a belly
  11. Fit in
  12. The Messenger - Video

Disc Two

  1. Rare Colours
  2. Old Ties
  3. Alright (Build me a house)
  4. This Time
  5. Something
  6. What’s coming next
  7. State of Waiting
  8. Got her way
  9. Cocooner
  10. The Wing

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