Maple Bee: Home - CD

Maple Bee: Home - CD

Maple Bee: Home - CD

Label: XIE Recordings
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The very long awaited second album from Maple Bee shows that Ms Bee has more tricks up her sleeve than Merlin on a good day!

Since the 2004 critically acclaimed debut "Chasing Eva", Ms Bee has been a fully signed up Mediaeval Baebe touring most continents, played bass and co written for sister Katie Jane's rock n roll band ‘Queen Adreena', been on two U.K tours as lead singer and songwriter with electrosexdance act ‘Huski'. Played European dates including a 5000 audience in France

Both singles ‘Quiet the silent world' & ‘This face , this name' produced by Simon Goggerly ( Kylie / U2)

The Video for ‘No Place' directed by Kate Schermerhorn will included in an e.p.k distributed to all European press

Download MapleBee from: iTunes, HMV Digital, Tesco, 7Digital, Rhapsody or eMusic

The Songs
01 while you were sleeping
02 me & rose
03 quiet, the silent world
04 no place
05 queen 23
06 I want it all
07 so far from lost
08 this face this name
09 sweetness in your light
10 mirrior
11 somebody take me home

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