Dave Kusworth & The Tenderhooks Monkeys Choice 2 x cd

Dave Kusworth & The Tenderhooks Monkeys Choice 2 x cd

Label: Troubadour
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Re mastered   

compiled by dave kusworth & designed by dave twist 

TRBCD048       5060446070802


Disc 1.   76 Mins

1. It Comes & It Goes (3.55) (Wonderland Ave.)

2. The Right Track (4.14) (Wonderland Ave.)

3. Dandelion Boy (5.33) (The John Rivers version from the pink album)

4. Are You The Girl? (2.57) (Wonderland Ave)

5. Depressed About Nothing (2.46) (Pink LP)

6. Street Imagery (6.37) (Wonderland Ave.)

7. Another Blonde (5.38) (Wonderland Ave.)

8. Where Her Head Used to Lay (5.05) (Her Name In The Rocks)

9. Wrap My Arms Around You (4.11) (Pink LP)

10. Come with Me

11. How Come I Only Dream About You

12. All I’ve Got Left

13. Tell Me About Your Love

14. A Real Girl

15. The Test of Time (pink album)

16. Blood on The Knife (from the pink LP)

17. Stevie’s Radio Station (pink album)


Disc Two   75 mins

1. Hanging Around Here (from the pink LP)

2. Dandelion Boy (Bob Lamb version from English Disco)

3. Blood on The Knife (English Disco)

4. Tonight & Forever (English Disco)

5. Spilt Milk (English Disco)

6. Through & Back Again (English Disco)

7. Treasured Arms (English Disco)

8. Terminus (from the pink LP)

9. Temporary Genius (from the pink LP)

10. Another Teardrop (from the pink LP)

11. Need You No More (from the pink LP)

12. Marilyn (from the pink LP)

13. Apartment to Compartment (from the pink LP)

14. Salisbury Road (from ‘Her Name in The Rocks’)

15. Wing and a Prayer… ( English Disco )

16. Yeah, Hi Hello… (from the pink album)

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