Nikki Sudden : Dave Kusworth: Jacobites Old Scarlett 2xCD EXPANDED

Nikki Sudden : Dave Kusworth: Jacobites Old Scarlett 2xCD EXPANDED

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Coming July 2017


TRBCD043               Barcode                 5060446071250


Disc One   Re Mastered 

1.            Over & Over                  (Kusworth)

2.            When Angels Die          (Sudden)

3.            Falling Apart                  (Kusworth)

4.            Down on My Own        (Kusworth)

5.            Boutique                              (Sudden)

6.            What am I Living For?      (Sudden)

7.          Puppeteer’s Son            (Kusworth)

8.            Liquor Guns & Ammo         (Sudden)

9.           Love’s Cascade (Second version) (Kusworth/ Cartwright)  

10.         Penicillin                               (Sudden)

11.         The Rolling Of The Hearse    (Sudden)

12.        Wasted                                 (Kusworth)

13.         When Angels Die      (Sudden)         Radio session   bonus track

Electrically Recorded at WSRS by John Rivers

On May 15th July 17, 18, 20&21, August 14th 1995

Produced by Nikki Sudden, Dave Kusworth & John Rivers

Photography Steve Gridley . 

Disc Two – The Kiss Of Life

  1. That Girl                              ( Kusworth)
  2. Older Women                   ( Sudden)
  3. When the Rain Comes      ( Sudden)
  4. Kings & Queens                   (Kusworth)
  5. Road of Broken Dreams    (Sudden / Scott)
  6. Paint & Sugar                        ( Kusworth)
  7. The First Cut is the Deepest ( Stevens )
  8. All the Dark Rags                  ( Sudden)


The Jacobites are:

Nikki Sudden: Guitar, Vocals

Dave Kuworth: Guitar, Vocals

Glenn Tranter: Guitar, Backing Vocals

Carl Eugene Picot: Bass, Backing Vocals

Mark Williams: Drums & Percussion

Terry Miles: Piano & Hammond Organ


The bonus disc is the Kiss of Life vinyl only release from 1995 recorded live at TAKT Musik Club in Hannover .


Compiled by Carlton P Sandercock.  ‘Old Scarlett’ re mastered by Anders Peterson at Ghost Sounds Sweden and ‘Kiss of Life’ Mastered & Cleaned  by Anders Peterson at Ghost Sound Sweden. Layout Simon Carpenter at SCD. Special thanks to Chris Coleman   

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