Mark Mulholland: The Devil on the Stairs - 2x CD

Mark Mulholland: The Devil on the Stairs - 2x CD

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Mark Mulholland Biog: Born in Glasgow in 1968, Mark has been travelling and making his living from playing music for the last 15 years. He started playing in bands while at university in Edinburgh. After a year studying philosophy in France, Mark left his studies to concentrate solely on music.

For a couple of years he toured Europe with the band The Purple Rizla Experience, then settled in Prague in 1992, becoming a key figure in The Oul’ Bogwarriors, a loose configuration boasting many great musicians and songwriters within its ranks, which in 1993 was ranked no.7 in a listeners’ poll of the most popular Czech bands on Prague’s Radio 1.

For several years he split his time largely between Prague and Ireland, where he also had a band and a solo career, as well as many random, extended expeditions hitch-hiking and busking around obscure corners of Europe. In 1995, he formed the band Impure Thoughts with a couple of other Prague musicians, spending a year in Ireland writing songs and playing around the country.

In 1996 they set off on an open-ended tour taking in 10 European countries. On reaching Berlin, the van died, leaving the band stranded there. In 1997 they released their debut album, “Life and how to Ignore it”. Two members moved on to other shores, but Mark and the bass player, Joe Armstrong, decided to stay in Berlin. The band went through many different formations until it found a stable line-up, with which it has built up a strong fan-base through extensive touring around Germany and Europe.

Impure Thoughts recently released their latest album, “Lights Ahead”, on the Berlin label Cannery Row Records. Parallel to Impure Thoughts. Mark also plays in the alternative country/acoustic blues band Two Dollar Bash, who won the “Rising Legend” award at the Old Time Country and Traditional Music Festival in Missouri Valley, Iowa during their US tour in 2005, and the swing/chanson/cajun project The Homebrew.

As well as the various bands, Mark plays regular solo concerts which have built up a dedicated following both in Berlin and around Europe. For many years Mark has hosted a regular session which has been one of the main meeting points for musicians in Berlin. Mark is also in great demand as a session musician, having played in recent years on recordings by Nikki Sudden, David John Hull, Molly Knight, Phil Schoenfelt, Einar Stenseng, Elisabeth Wood and many others.

Together with a friend (who was the driver on many Impure Thoughts tours) Mark has opened an international second-hand bookshop, East of Eden, in the Friedrichshain district of Berlin, which hosts many small concerts and readings and is a favourite haunt of many musicians, writers and artists.

Studio Album

  1. Slip through my hands
  2. On the road that brought me here
  3. Another place, another face
  4. Drowning
  5. Kaleidoscope
  6. 4 in the morning
  7. Devil on the stairs
  8. Hands of a clock
  9. Don’t want to hear you laugh
  10. Night train
  11. When its over
  12. Taking a taxi (Sweet Surprise) (featuring Two Dollar Bash)

Live at the Twelve Bar

  1. Chilled beer, sunshine & miniskirts
  2. Bottle of luck
  3. Landslide
  4. Another falling star
  5. Wayward one
  6. Taking a Taxi (Sweet Surprise)
  7. I want to spend the night with you
  8. Hope it came your way
  9. 12 bar blues
  10. Don’t want to hear you laugh
  11. Drowning

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