The Black Tambourines CHICA 10" Vinyl

The Black Tambourines    CHICA          10"   Vinyl

The Black Tambourines CHICA 10" Vinyl

Label: Easy Action
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The Black Tambourines


EARS103          10”  e.p                      5060446071007

Side A

  1. Bad Days
  2. White Album
  3. Cat Days

Side B

  1. Rob Heaven
  2. 27-25 Blues
  3. Green

·        The unstoppable The Black Tambourines make available for the first time on vinyl their first e.p  for 500 copies only !

·        Last year The Black Tambourines issued ‘No Action’  7” for RSD which sold out in a day and now commands high collectors prices

·        Band have just completed the first 10 cities Uk tour with a further 6 eu dates having been added in France , Holland & Belgium

·        The album Freedom was released to critical acclaim with radio play for not only the single but also album tracks on the BBC being play listed by Lauren Laverne and Gideon Coe as well as i-tunes featuring the album for several weeks



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