Sylvain Sylvain: New York's a Go Go - CD sold out

Sylvain Sylvain: New York's a Go Go - CD sold out

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New York’s A Go Go is an Anthology from NEW YORK DOLLS guitarist Sylvain Sylvain featuring material recorded from the initial break up of the dolls to the present day.

  • Sylvain played with Arthur Kane (since deceased) & David Johansen at the MELTDOWN FESTIVAL as guests of long time New York Dolls fan Morrissey in 2004;the very first time that all three had been on stage at the same time since the initial break up of the NEW YORK DOLLS in the mid seventies.
  • A live New York Dolls album and DVD have been issued by Sanctuary and a new studio album from the band featuring Sylvain has also been released
  • New York’s A Go Go includes re-recording of classic New York Dolls single “Trash” plus a Johnny Thunders song and two further tracks co written with David Johansen.


  1. Paper Pencil & Glue (Sylvain)
  2. Oh Honey (Smithling /Taylor/Button)
  3. Hungry Girls (Sylvain)
  4. I’m Your Man (Tubbs/Jackson/Barnes)
  5. Another Heart Needs mending (Sylvain)
  6. Forgotten Panties (Sylvain)
  7. Trash (Sylvain/ Johansen)
  8. My Babe (Sylvain)
  9. Frenchette (Sylvain/ Johansen)
  10. Your society makes me sad (Johnny Thunders)
  11. It’s on Fire (Sylvain/ Johansen)
  12. Sleep Baby Doll (Sylvain)

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