Nikki Sudden Bundle

Nikki Sudden Bundle

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Golden Vanity / Playing with Fire / Tel Aviv Blues / Fred Beethoven 

Nikki Sudden and Phil Shoenfelt - Golden Vanity - CD

The Lost album from Berlin has finally surfaced ten years after the recording finished.

One of the most experimental albums recorded by Schoenfelt & the late Nikki Sudden.

    Hanoi Jane (Sudden) 6:05
    Cloak of Virtue ( Shoenfelt / Sudden) 4:56
    Jack Ketch ( Sudden/ Roland S Howard) 6:23
    Portcullis ( Shoenfelt / Sudden) 1:37
    Love makes her shine ( Shoenfelt) 4:08
    Bang a gong ( Sudden) 5:23
    Waiting for you ( Shoenfelt) 5:44
    Jamboree Bag ( Shoenfelt / Sudden/ Picot/ Schmidt) 10:45
    Golden Door (Sudden) 7:23 (early version of Broken Door)
    Teenage Sheets ( Shoenfelt / Sudden) 3:58
    Wage a Crown ( Shoenfelt / Sudden) 1:35
    Hangman’s Daughter ( Shoenfelt / Sudden) 5:17
    Angel Wings ( Shoenfelt / Sudden) 5:12
    Cullisport ( Shoenfelt / Sudden) 1:42
    Master Sampson (Sudden) :36

Recorded at Interzone Studios Berlin 1998
Nikki Sudden: Gtrs/ Kybrds/ vox
Phil Shoenfelt: Gtrs/vox
Carl Picot: Bass
Robbie Schmidt: Drums
Mark Mullholland : Mandola / Backing Vox
Joe Armstrong: Backing Vox

Nikki Sudden - Playing With Fire - CD

A carefully selected compilation of completely unreleased songs recorded for Nikki's last two studio albums "Treasure Island" & "The truth doesn't matter"

•    Liner notes by right hand man John Barry
•    Booklet features unseen photos of Nikki from the period of these recordings

01 Pretty Little Pretty 3:28

02 Not That Way Anymore (Stiv Bators) 2:49

03 Don't Look Back 3:41

04 Pirate Girls 5:53

05 Happy Birthday 3:15

06 Hanoi Jane 3:51

07 Behind These Walls 3:22

08 I Know You 2:44

09 The Ballad Of The Bellman Bar (Sudden/ Stenseng) 3:36

10 Alleyway (Playing With Fire) 4:35

11 Visions Of Sin 3:10

12 Last Flash Of The Cavalier Nation 5:46

13 Kill City (Pop/ Williamson) 2:34

14 Kamikaze Karaoke 1:13

15 A Thousand Years Ago 5:16

Nikki Sudden: guitar, vocals
John Barry: bass
Stephane Doucerain: drums
Terry Miles: Hammond organ
Justin Farrow: guitar
Darrel Bath: guitar

Nikki Sudden - Tel Aviv Blues - CD

Limited stock of this extraordinary acoustic album that very few people knew even existed.

    Diary of a Lover (Thunders)
    Down The River
    Edge of Autumn
    Get it On (Bolan)
    Last Hope
    Liquor , Guns & Ammo
    Out of my dreams
    As tears go by (Jagger, Richards)
    The girls are so pretty
    Tel Aviv City
    Shoeing a horse
    Tel Aviv Blues

All songs Nikki Sudden except where noted

Recorded at Fast Music Studio Tel Aviv Israel November 16th 2002




1.            Bye Bye Johnny

2.            Black Satin Suit

3.            Blenkinsop's Soup Kitchen

4.            Looking At You

5.            It's Gonna Be Alright

6.            Stereo Baby

7.            Summer Burn Down

8.            Forest Fire 

9.            Debris

10.         Pin A Rose On Me

11.         Don’t Look Back

12.         So Much To Learn  

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