Iggy Pop: California Hitch-Hike - Deluxe CD set

Iggy Pop: California Hitch-Hike - Deluxe CD set

Label: Applebush
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Brian James: Guitar
Ivan Kral : Keyboards / Gtr
Glen Matlock: Bass
Klaus Kruger: Drums

  • Special De Luxe packaging
  • Un-Released Recording and Unseen photographs from the concert
  • Recorded on two of the four dates performed at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco
  • One of the most frenetic breakneck tours iggy undertook with the atmosphere charged even more with two of punks top generals in his band Sex Pistol Glen Matlock and the Damned's Brian James as well as Patti Smith Group Ivan Kral
  • Features a completely unheard track Hitchhiking in California
  • Liner notes include exclusive notes from Ivan Kral & Brian James
  • Iggy performs tracks from his current album New Values and some brand new tracks only recently recorded for the forthcoming Soldier album alongside some of the Stooges classic tracks TV Eye , Real Cool Time, I wanna be your dog , No Fun and a rarely played, blistering version of You're Pretty face is going to hell.

This album is amazing...it's the perfect Iggy solo live album that I've longed for since my early 20's...I used to listen to the Iggy LA Ballroom 79 gig on my walkman when going up to London back then, and marvelled at it. The LA recording was a peerless performance, marred only for me by the fact that despite being apparently from an FM broadcast it was in mono. Numerous efforts to trace a stereo recording failed. Later I found a San Francisco 79 FM recording, that was in stereo...but this was marred by speed defects ('wow and flutter'...minute speed fluctuation that gives a 'wobble', particularly to high pitched or keyboard sounds). Iggy's California Hitch-Hike album here puts all that right : it's taken from the 27th and 29th Novemeber shows in San Francisco (immediately before the aforementioned LA gig). I knew the 27th gig had been recorded in high quality but had never heard it til now, and the 29th show recording sounds better than the bootleg recording I had. Thankfully the speed issues are sorted out, and the songs from the 29th (discernible from the very few from the 27th by slightly better sound) are presented in a 'thicker' mix than on the 29th recordings I'd heard. This is good in many ways...Brian James' guitar tended to 'slice' through some of the songs in the mix on the earlier bootleg recordings, and while his solos were good, that overamped guitar sound could become overbearing. Here, the more judicious mix allows the whole band to 'breathe' / be heard when Brian solos (I think the onstage sound mixer had probably been responsible for upping the guitar to the fore in the other recordings, like I say that's been put right here). The show has amazing performances of Real Cool Time, Take Care of Me, You Really Got Me, New Values, Play It Safe, China Girl...I should point out that it's arguable the contemporaneous songs were stronger performances than their studio counterparts on Iggy's albums at the time. The sound, as implied by the sleevenotes starts ever so slightly rough, possibly due to tape damage, but quickly gets better...it's a powerful sound and show! Add to that, it's cased in a beautiful elongated slipcase, has a postcard of Iggy and his band, a booklet with sleevenotes, an interview, and many colour and black and white shots from the shows. This is an essential purchase...as I've gone to lengths to point out, this does make earlier privately circulated recordings redundant...I don't work for Iggy or his record company, I'm just an enthusiast who hopes you'll get this and love it too!

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layout : Les clark

The Old Waldorf San Francisco 74:48

1. Real Cool time - 29.11.79 5:04
2. Knockin em down in the city - 29.11.79 3.47
3. Take care of me - 27.11.79 3.27
4. Dog Food - 27.11.79 2.30
5. You really got me - 27.11.79 2.39
6. New Values - 27.11.79 3.35
7. TV Eye - 27.11.79 5.38
8. Play it safe - 27.11.79 4.27
9. Your pretty face is going to hell - 27.11.79 5.36
10. Funtime - 27.11.79 3.34
11. Hitchhiking in California - 27.11.79 3.52
12. I wanna be your dog - 27.11.79 4.19
13. One for my baby - 27.11.79 6.19
14. China Girl - 29.11.79 6:36
15. Five foot One - 29.11.79 6:22
16. No fun - 27.11.79 6.36

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